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  1. Haha nice research, of course it' my own band hah. I just wanted some reactions. And yeah, as someone said in this thread I also play in Moonlit Sailor and U137 (we've got more than 11 million plays on Spoitfy alone). Now: Listen to the fucking songs u guys. I wrote the songs and have been a blink fan since 98, so you should here some blink in the songs...
  2. Haha no I'm Swedish (does the singer sound swedish to you?) and the songs are released on an american record label. Have you even listened to it? I only curios if anyone else thinks the songs reminds you of blink. Since I think so I just wanted to share it.
  3. I came across this new band called Sons Of London the other day and just can't stop listenting to it. It reminds me of blink in some way. Two song debut release and it's fucking awesome and the singer sounds lika a mix between Mark and Tom. What do you people think of the songs? Listen here: song 1: http://deepelmdigital.com/track/russian-roulette song nr 2: http://deepelmdigital.com/track/lies
  4. Yeah, same here. I think it might be more succesefull than we think.
  5. It's filmed in Miami (Bayfront Park & Amphitheatre), Florida on August 7, 1996.
  6. THIS IS FUCKING RARE! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-OYObuLAB0
  7. I know most of you have already seen this photo but I find it so interesting that this was taken during the time when they really was fighting and hating each other. And you can tell by looking at it...
  8. I recorded vocals on this instrumental version of I Miss You. I'm trying to sing like Tom... : ;http://f.cl.ly/items/1J0K010q3j2O0h27102N/missyou.mp3 Is it close?
  9. I actually have one of those stickers. Bought it on ebay a long time ago.
  10. I think I found it but it says it's not available in my country (Sweden), but it might work in the US: http://www.slacker.com/song/tiltwheel/blink
  11. Also it would be nice to find that blink song by tiltwheel!
  12. Great stuff but wasn't the buddha tape recorded in 1993? I've always thought that was the case.
  13. I might be the only one that didn't know this but I just found out that Good Times is actually a cover of a tv-show theme song: >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zo6caNX1e84 (The show never aired in Sweden so don't blame me for not knowing this)
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