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  1. Anybody else find it odd that there's absolutely no profanity in any of the songs from Mark or Tom, other than PLG - but even that is Yelawolf. I don't care at all. I actually never even thought about it until I heard Yelawolf drop an f-bomb.
  2. Here's my first take on the opening verse of Pretty Little Girl... just listened to it quick before I have to leave for work. Nineteen years have ? through my beatin' heart Oh, it seems like it ? as my hand is moving up your arm And you never really know where it goes up until it starts I got my eye on you; whatcha gonna do? ? Oh, i listen to the song on repeat from the other night And i can't picture you, but i sure got the feeling right ...and if anybody wants to attempt Yelawolf's part, I can make out some lyrics, but not all of them.
  3. Everybody probably has it already, but I have a mediafire link that I'm willing to share. If you want it, please PM me. I'm not posting it here.
  4. I love blink 182 - regardless of what kind of music they make. Hell, they could go country and I'd STILL be a die-hard fan. They're making the music that THEY want to make - not what the fans want to hear - and that's why I love them so much. Whatever blink 182 chooses to release, I will like it.
  5. Does anybody have an EP rip of Boxing Day and NOT a radio rip?
  6. Does anybody have a rip of Boxing Day from the actual EP and NOT a radio rip?
  7. Just waiting on a CD rip of Boxing Day now...
  8. No DL links are being posted. They're only streaming links. There's no option to download.
  9. It crashed on me. The link was posted but then removed. The intro though... amazing.
  10. Listening to 'When I Was Young' right now!!!!!
  11. I've been a member on the boards since 2009. I've just never really posted. I'm not big on forums and message boards. But I figured a new Blink 182 EP would be a good enough excuse.
  12. Just a thought... Can't somebody just change their computer IP address to something so that you can purchase the EP from Japan or New Zealand? I know that it's possible to hack the American Netflix, so can't the same be done for this? I'm not very "techy"... So I could be waaaay off.
  13. Just wondering if anybody can send me a PM link when it has leaked? I just woke up and will be out most of the day. Thank you!
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