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  1. if you guys followed famous burro on Instagram you'd know this already http://instagram.com/p/gsIj9UJWRw/
  2. http://blink-182.com/ticket-info 6) The Blink-182, “Untitled†10th Anniversary VIP Package presale is only for a portion of the overall tickets available to the show. So don’t worry, if you miss out; you may still be able to purchase tickets. Once the Blink-182, “Untitled†10th Anniversary VIP Package presale has sold out, we’ll share information on how to access presales through other outlets and the general public onsale, but please note that tickets purchased through other outlets will not include Soundcheck or Q&A access at the venue. it's sold out. it was a limited a
  3. http://instagram.com/mrtsurt blink's merch guy has a thing for cats
  4. it's at the beginning of Stockholm, that's why when they play it live, they always play the intro when going into Stockholm.
  5. not that i wouldn't kill for a small club tour from blink, but it's doubtful all they have to do is book other semi big-big bands to open for them, or even do a co-headliner. there you have another arena tour
  6. there's a topic for it http://blink-182online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/41477-old-school-rare-videos/
  7. you want to pay a regular price for a collectors item? that's just silly
  8. if any regular person unbeknownst to anything in this thread, the first impression of this exact quote would be "what a greedy sob" you, dear madam, are a greedy mofo
  9. Oliver: "will never in my right mind pay $350 for a piece of plastic." pays $500 fot it :'> you said it yourself, a signed big bunny is worth $1,000 so how can a non-signed one NOT be worth its original price?
  10. Oliver, you said you put out a book but didn't want to make money off it, whatever. so why didn't/don't you, instead of not making money off it, do something like 80% of sales go directly to charity/poor families calling blink greedy in a forum does nothing
  11. yet doctors make big paychecks don't they? you don't hear doctors say "i do this to save lives and not the money" beacuse that's not true or else they wouldn't take those big paychecks. if so, there would be less deaths from sicknesses because people would be able to afford to pay for the help they need. why are doctors accepting such big pay if "this is what they love to do" this specifically reminded me of a movie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Q would these doctors not be considered greedy?
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