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  1. Blink182Online

    Redirected to porn sites

    Just happened to me too on my phone, I think it might be from the new ad network I was trying out. I took them off and it's back to the main 2 that I've been using for years. Sorry about that and please post in here if it still happens.
  2. Blink182Online

    Tom on Loveline.

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=02NXPJW1 (MP3, 100mb) I was feeling kinda lazy and didn't cut out the commercials. Tom comes on about 35mins in
  3. Blink182Online

    New front page progress/discussion, take 2

    Still working on it. Trying to get things stabilized with the forums and figuring out the best way to integrate a front page w/ them
  4. Blink182Online


    It'd be a waste to install it if only a few people will use it, gonna try to find another mobile option to install
  5. Blink182Online

    Iphone/Mobile theme?

    The iphone theme installed ok but the mod keeps getting an error saying it's not compatible with this version of SMF. I was looking at the description and it says it should work with detecting other phones too, not just iphone. Hopefully they'll update it for 2.0 final soon
  6. Blink182Online

    Youtube Embed

    Just installed it
  7. Blink182Online


    Just realized they charge $3 to install the app on your phone. Probably won't install this, I don't think most people would pay for that just to use the boards on their phone.
  8. Blink182Online

    Iphone/Mobile theme?

    Just checked out that Curve Mobile page and they haven't updated it in 1 1/2 years. There's a basic mobile version of the boards that comes pre-installed. Down at the very bottom of the page there's a link that says WAP2, click on that and it'll put you in the mobile/text only version
  9. Blink182Online

    New front page progress/discussion, take 2

    Quick update on the front page: Finally got the boards updated to SMF 2.0, working on the front page now. I'm not sure if we're going to go with wordpress anymore because it doesn't seem to integrate with SMF very well. There's a few portals here that are built to integrate with SMF so I'm going to check those out and hopefully get something running pretty soon.
  10. Blink182Online

    We need a front page thread

    lol this one? http://blink-182online.com/old_site/ It was alright but got kinda old with so much blue
  11. Blink182Online

    We need a front page thread

    If you guys can come up with a layout and get a decent sized group of people that will commit to posting, I'm fine with hosting it on the front page
  12. Blink182Online

    Iphone/Mobile theme?

    I'll take a look at the new SMF 2 and see if it's worthwhile to upgrade the boards to it
  13. Blink182Online


    Never got a pm from you, glad you got the problem figured out tho
  14. Blink182Online


    Thanks for the heads up, good to know it didn't work on here
  15. Blink182Online

    Iphone/Mobile theme?

    Yea I was wondering that too, seems like it's been a release candidate for a long time. I think it was over a year ago when I tried to install one of the 2.0 RC's on here but had to go back to 1.1 because there were too many problems with it.