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  1. I never had the chance but if the opportunity came for me to sell out, I would have taken it without hesitation. Making the music I wanna make and getting paid well for it? Fuck yeah. I’ll wipe my ass with lofty notions of artistry. I never understood this rule of artists have to suffer to make great art.
  2. Where’s the shame in that, why wouldn’t you make the most of every opportunity to better your existence?
  3. Because Tom always has to carry Mark?
  4. Honestly, go to a physical location and talk to the people there. They’d be stoked to help you find something on the cheap side that has some quality. You can buy a decent squire or epiphone for relatively cheap, pay the $100 or so to have it set up properly and it’ll be better than anything you grab off of Amazon or similar sites. Sweetwater.com is a good place to go if you’re insistent on doing everything online. Their customer services is great and they’ll walk you through everything.
  5. Who could blame them? Some of the fans are annoying as fuck.
  6. No one had ever seen an innie boner before, we were all impressed honestly.
  7. Thanks to @Speedo for being sexy and a good listener.

  8. What’s it matter, you’ll still listen to it anyway.
  9. This is the true meaning of Thanksgiving! Indians and pilgrims united in love.
  10. These other clowns are gonna cry and it’s gonna be miserable to be around.
  11. @Ghent Lvl 5 couple more points, my friend.
  12. You should cum on all their CDs, show them who’s boss.
  13. Blink-182online.com - Reddit crushes on their sisters
  14. Friday from what I understand. Take a few points off that hype.
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