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  1. I believe in now, I believe in love agaaaaain

  2. Scott No Braynor


  4. Red rain is falling down, red raaaain

  5. I'm fucking hot, bro

  6. Boycott the Donald thread and the World Cup

  7. I said a'wahwahwahwahwah 

  8. Speedo does have a Rick n Morty tattoo

  9. So this dodecahedron butt plug I brought was in vain? O cruel world

  10. I'm a shameless beta beg, apologies to my family n friends

  11. Butt Hole Sun by Soundgarden is fucking stellar bro

  12. Also I think I'm becoming agnostic, I'm scared pls help me

    1. JarJarBlinks


      what's wrong with that?

    2. _Bagel


      @JarJarBlinks - you're exactly right. My old line of thinking just saw agnosticism as a waste of time. Just got to slowly accept this new model of thinking 



      Nothing wrong with that.  I think it's the most fair approach with how batshit many religious followers have become (always been a thing, but when one of the 'most trusted religions' in the states comes out with the priests and pope molesting people, it's hard to not drift away from it).  Then, instead realizing how similar religions are, and who's really right? etc etc.  I know being agnostic is being sac-religious, but I try to believe if there is a God out there, he would understand the skepticism as long as you try to be a good person still, it would get forgiven?  If not, holy shit, those are some intense rules to abide by and I don't know anyone outside a select few that follow their religious beliefs and morals to a t.

  13. I'm trying finasteride/propecia. Will have hair but be impotent! Fair trade

  14. How's your weekend, Casey?

    1. Worst poster here

      Worst poster here

      Fiancé got diagnosed with breast cancer, so not great. It’s hard to be royalty on the weekend when life throws these curveballs, one can say we’ve lost our minds in a downward spiral. Our time’s coming, though. It’ll be alright as we are Kings (and Queens) of the weekend. 

    2. _Bagel


      @King of the WeekendJesus. That's awful, I'm sorry man as I know you've been through the ringer. She will kick its ass into the stratosphere. Cancer fucked up with this one. 

  15. You fucking TomBots.*Looks quizzically in mirror*

  16. I'm a peeping Tom...so

    1. Bucko


      And I'm a Tom peeping. 

    2. _Bagel


      Peep on my PooPooPeePee

  17. As you can see - my Jedi powers are far beyond yours 

  18. Fart in my mouth, damn you 

  19. Like killing cops and reading Kerouac 

  20. The one with the platypus?

  21. Joe Rogaine going down. This is the way

    1. Matt.


      You probably should have used “Joe Bro-gan”.

    2. _Bagel


      @Speedohehe, the possibilities are endless. Bro Jogan. Joe Brogan. I can imagine him getting really red and angry, 'That's not my frickin' name brah!'

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