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  1. Nocap I’m a cool guy 

  2. I pack heat like I’m the oven door 

  3. I see you in the club, you showing thugs love 


    1. _Bagels whipped cream

      _Bagels whipped cream

      This was yesterday.

    2. _Bagels whipped cream

      _Bagels whipped cream

      this was 2 days ago, now

    3. _Bagel


      @Jan is lost on Lostthis is embarrassing for me.

      Every day is Lagwagon day when you have skids in your boxers 

  5. You are way to beautiful girls ? 

  6. Your way to beautifuuuuul girls, that’s why it would never work

    they have you suiciiiidal, suiciiidal when they say it’s ovaaaa

    1. Speedo


      You put this song in my head and I listened to it last night ... I forgot the bass line was Stand By Me!

    2. _Bagel


      @Speedosuch a banger isn’t it. Stand By Me? The Pennywise hit? Eyyy 🤓

  7. You have united the boards, sir. Take a collective dump on my chest 

  8. David Kennedy the kind of guy to pee sitting down 

    1. _Bagels whipped cream

      _Bagels whipped cream

      and poops standing up, if I'm not mistaken.

  9. Don’t dream it’s over 

    Hey now...heEY nowwww

  10. yo...I miss my man @Depf

    1. Depf


      Meetup Round 3. This time with kinky sex toys show&tell.

    2. _Bagel


      @Depfdid you make round 2? I simped out. How was it? 

      I’ll get my love egg collection sorted in order of diameter 

    3. Depf


      Couldnt make it on time and those red white and blue bantamweights have the stamina of chainsmoking two pump chumps. with asthma. Except speedo,  he's a friend of ours.

  11. Maybe a soul you'd sell for Mass Appeal

  12. Long time

    sunshine, long time 

    sunshine upon me 

  13. No more soiled nights alone 

  14. Vanilla? Like the ice cream?

  15. On these boards...tomato would win 

  16. Jimmmaaaaaay

  17. I would trade one grape scented pog for access to your grape scented butthole 

    1. Speedo


      It does smell delicious! 

  18. Grape scented you say? What about my legs ? Do you need legs? Take them 

  19. Anyone wanna trade pogs ? 

  20. I think I realise polls bring out the worst in me

    1. Speedo


      Even at your worst you are better than most.

    2. _Bagel


      @Speedo why can’t I love react a status reply ? Anyway, love react you  beautiful specimen x x

  21. RIP DOUG - We love u buddy

  22. Finally googled Krampus...pass the Xanax

  23. You deffo used an Abacus to work that out 

  24. Seventy times 7

  25. Stop fucking my family!

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