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  1. The noblest spirit embiggens the smallest man. Embiggens

  2. Crevice is such a good word.


  3. If you like pina colada

    and getting caught in the rain 

  4. I'll bring home the bacon bits, we'll make our parents grandparents

  5. Oh shit..I won a day! I'm gonna call my Mum

  6. Why is a raven like a writing desk?

    1. Speedo


      When it makes up unanswerable riddles ... fucking Carroll.

    2. _Bagel


      I'll have whatever he was having

  7. My hips are a force of nature, they don't lie

  8. Thinking of getting a working visa for New Zealand in like a year and a half, when the world is hopefully fully resumed. Anyone been? Anyone travel much?

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