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  1. It's gonna be really interesting to hear what the guys sounds like! I think, it could go either way, but since I love Matt Skiba in the Trio I'm pretty sure he's gonna kill it! And I really think that it could be a huge success (for the fans), BUT, only if they skip the fucking metronome and start playing the songs with a little bit more tempo! They have sounded so lame, and uninspired since the reunion with no energy at all, and that's A to Z for a band like this!
  2. It's this photo his talking about Edit: Oh, too late, oh well..
  3. If someone's being a douce right now, it's Travis, with all his bullshit interviews.. Dude we know you didn't liked Tom's performances, you've said it every time! Stop giving the same fucking interview all over again!......douche
  4. 5/5 from me,, still goes on repeat along with All Time Low's new "Kids In The Dark" Fucking love it!
  5. God some of you guys are so funny, even when the producer is saying who did what he's lying.... They're friends, what's so hard to believe? Do you really think that he wouldn't want to record drums on his friends album just because he is playing the same festival as his friends former band mates who kicked him out!?
  6. That's because Brooks is a fucking awesome drummer!
  7. It's Brooks Wackerman playing the drums!
  8. >http://youtu.be/zcg482iKyDA Damn Mark sounds dull on his "I'm feeling this" parts nowadays..
  9. I think that both First Date and ATST sounds so terrible because of the tempo!, whenever I ATST comes up on my playlist from Mark Tom and Travis show I enjoy it, playing that song slow kills it. Just like First Date, it's too slow! There I go again with the tempo haha!
  10. Just like it's no Tom no Blink ? No but seriously, I've said this before, Mark, Travis and fucking Matt Skiba is a pop punk supergroup! I Love Alkaline Trio and Matt is awesome! Their new album is really one of their best as well. With Matt, they will get a dude who's still into pop punk. And still plays pop punk, something Mark, Tom and travis stopped doing in 2002/2003! I truly hope there will be a pro shot from the gig!
  11. It's a shame that all this happened when they just started to sound better. I mean, the reading show probably the best they've sounded since the reunion! I'm really looking forward to Tom's new album though, and I hope we get a pro shot of the +44 2.0 show I'm really curious of how it will sound!
  12. He was probably figuring out that if Tom had kept talking they would've had gone past his precious 90 minutes mark... But damn I forgot how rad that guitar sounds with Mesa! And they had energy back then, EVERY song was so fucking slow after the reunion, some songs were even slower then the originals, Easy Target is one of them. Even when they actually sounded good post reunion, they sounded boring because everything was soooooooo slow and had zero energy. Also,, I love Tom's face expression after he said We love Japanese women, haha!!!
  13. Yeah, to be honest, Tom reuniting Blink fucked AVA up! They stopped touring, stopped promoting, stopped pretty much everything. And that led to Atom quitting the band, pretty sure that's why Matt left as well, and David started his coffee company. They didn't have any income anymore when Tom pretty much forgot about AVA and when Blink took up all of his time with all the touring and stuff. A shame really.
  14. Just to make it clear, do you think DED is a shitty half ass "EP", or are you referring to anything else?
  15. The best thing for blink would have been that they just let Tom take them to Modlife and To the stars.. I don't think it would've changed anything for Mark and Travis except them having a motivated and happy Tom.
  16. Travis laid back attitude has always felt like an act to me,, if a reporter would have asked that question to either Mark and Tom they probably would have answered that they dress up in monkey suits jacking off in a treetop while eating a banana! Or something like that! But not all high and mighty Travis! He's too gangsta for that shit!
  17. As he should be doing, AVA has been his #1 priority since the original break up with Blink! To think that he would change that cus he reconciled with his old buddies and started playing Blink again is just stupid! Blink has been his side project since the reunion, and there is nothing wrong with that imo. He really believes in Angels & Airwaves, why should he just end that? I am really looking forward to the new songs he's about to release, then I really hope that he will take AVA out on a real tour like the old days!
  18. Less Than Jake did the 1 album/show thing too!
  19. I knew that I had it somewhere in my head haha! They gave the fans what they wanted at the time and the didn't fell short on that!
  20. Didn't Mark say something about the Untitled anniversary shows, that they got the idea from fans writing about it on twitter or something like that? I have a vague memory of something like that!
  21. I love AVA! One of my favorite bands!
  22. I am REALLY looking forward to this!!
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