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  1. Didn't get the response you were after, didn't you Clarke?
  2. It works the same for your own stuff.. Even if the new blink plays dumpweed, it doesn't matter if it's your own song.. The songwriters gets the royalties either way.. Think of a world tour by the likes of Taylor Swift.. Now that's a lot of royalties money
  3. As a BIG Angels & Airwaves fan, this was the best imo.. I actually laughed out loud when I saw the "yowey oh" added to the end! haha, priceless!! And yes to post on the last page, TOYPAJ shits all over Enema!
  4. The production can be gritty but clean at the same time. The whole production on Dude Ranch screams laziness! I mean, other albums he produced the same year with the same knowledge is clean as fuck! The biggest fault on Dude Ranch is bad EQ on every individual track, that's one of the reasons why it's so damn muddy!
  5. I have no doubt that the news stuff with Skiba will be awesome, He is an awesome songwriter and the last two albums with Alkaline Trio is their best in my opinion. So I really think that it could be an awesome album their writing. BUT, I can't view this as blink-182.
  6. But the thing is,, he could donate 5% of the money he gets from selling his stuff and it would still be a beautiful thing to do! You do know that it's HIS own things right? He hasn't robbed someone for it. And all three of them are in it for the money, of course they are, it's their job. If Mark & Travis wasn't in it for the money, they would proceed as +44 or something else, not as blink 182 without blink 182s main songwriter. Haha! But they won't sell as much tickets with that name and that means less money. You guys are hating on a guy for doing what he's passionate about, please tell me how it affects you that Tom is releasing books, or releasing a b-sides album, or AVA EPs? You're just pissed that he doesn't want to be in blink anymore.
  7. I think it's a really wonderful thing he's doing by selling old stuff he doesn't use and give money to charity.. I really can't see how some of you find a way to make that to a bad thing.
  8. There's no new EP released. So, yeah.. The odds & ends album is going on repeat here, I fucking love it!!
  9. I really think Even If She Falls would be the best choice for their comeback, then Natives OR Wishing Well as single nr 2 a couple of weeks later!
  10. Well, what you're describing is a bad mixing job by the sound engineer.. I love both the album and the EP though, I think they're both awesome!!
  11. He's an awesome songwriter! I've been listening to Neighborhoods and DED EP all week, it's so damn good!!
  12. Tom is weird! Sometimes he sounds awesome live! And sometimes, well, not so much!
  13. Now when you mention it, I think they all have called it that at some point!
  14. Actually, I call it self titled too, or simply blink-182 haha!
  15. The album simply has no title.. But then again, everyone on here already knew that.. 03:00 >http://youtu.be/PYtR0qGiWHQ
  16. Shouldn't be a sore subject because of that. Who actually cares if this forum would get an interview or not?
  17. Why would it be a sore subject for some people !?
  18. It's funny how everything is different to different people! You find it incredibly dull, and I find it extremely catchy
  19. I don't get how people don't like Suburban Kings. One of the best songs Tom has written in 10 years imo.
  20. I liked it, miss the real AVA sound though!
  21. Both 'This Addiction' and ' My Shame Is True' is awesome! Love those records, from start to finish. The blink reunion gave us one great album and one great EP, but it did just the thing that I was afraid of when they announced it back in 2009, the blink reunion eventually killed AVA and I'm not really happy about that. I wonder though, if blink never had reunited, my guess is that AVA would still be going strong, but I wonder if Mark would have had another release out by now? It seems like he just stopped being a songwriter after WYHSB.
  22. I like TDW but I like the older sound better! I-Empire has always been my favorite AVA album! Love pt2 is my second favorite,never understood all the hate for that one..
  23. I think Suburban Kings is one of Tom's better songs. And I'm a huge AVA fan!
  24. Call it what you want, still a "super group"!
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