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  1. I take for granted that you will sing that then!
  2. The vocalist, Mitch Allan, actually went on to be a very successful producer and songwriter. #funfactsnooneelsethanmecareabout
  3. Looks like tom doing a live stream on the empire club this Friday.
  4. Dude you’re coming to the virtual meetup right?
  5. What? From an entrepreneur POV it’s smart to play it off like they do now. 1. Set up pre release campaign 2. Make the first batch of tickets be club members only, but with the catch of it being available for higher tier members only. Many people will be paying those extra bucks for their membership just to get their tickets to be available to them. 3. When the sales has stagnated release the rest of the batch set for pre release to the public. It’s all about how to maximize the profit. This is a smart campaign, and mark my words, this is exactly how it’s going to
  6. What are we talking about now? The last tour was sold out wasn’t it?
  7. It depends how you see it. From an entrepreneur POV it’s a smart move.
  8. Based of numbers taken from your imagination? My guess would be the opposite. No way to know though. Magic has been on plenty of series and stuff, I’ve never encountered the adventure on anything like that.
  9. It's been in many tv shows as well. But weren't they on geffen back then? They have/had the PR money to get it around for sure
  10. David did the same thing when he did a AVA-insta live stream last year. I like that set up way more than them just answering comments. It puts an actual person behind the music if you know what I mean.
  11. Unlike the lot of you I don't wan't to hear the new regime or NIN stuff, I want the real AVA sound, this is the closest to it in years, why wouldn't I be happy with that? About Tom rehashing melodies well yeah, he's done that since forever. Even WDNTW has that same bridge that comes in multiple songs. I don't mind it, a good song is a good song that is a good song, no matter where he got the melodies from. To answer the question of what he could possibly do for me to say I don't like it; well, he already did that with the majority of the dream walker.
  12. After a couple of listens I gotta say that it's so refreshing to actually get the "real" AVA-sound in a new song again. Really hope more songs are in the same vain.
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