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  1. Sad to see that Marks name doesn’t bring them any help in the views department. 20 years ago it would have been different
  2. Handwritten is their best album imo
  3. We released a new song this friday, check it out if you want https://ditto.fm/redandblue
  4. I only think of Mr Jefferson when I hear a song of his these days
  5. I've never really seen the appeal either. Like, yeah, he's got a few catchy tracks. But I don't feel it's nearly as good as everyone makes it out to be. I get that I'm in minority in the world with these thoughts though, so yeah lmao
  6. This song was amazing! Will be a part of my playlist for sure. We're both releasing stuff on august 5th. We're like bsb and nsync!
  7. I'd like to see Tom back too. Mostly bc travis now can fly I might have a chance to actually see them live at least once in my life. AVA will not release anything new until at least 2029 anyways and Matt would go back full time to Trio which would mean more music there. Win win! BUT, I'd like a followup to NINE with Matt before this happens
  8. I don't think you really read or understood what I was saying.
  9. Haha it's funny how things can be different for people. As an example, for me, 21CB was where they got it right 😂
  10. Nine is a really fcking good album. California and deluxe isn't bad either. No matter what happens we still got three albums from them. And if it's actually true that matt is being booted then the positive is that he will be able to do Trio full time again! I really wanna know what happened with that scrapped album that was almost kinda done? Coming from NINE my guess is that album is pretty damn good! Would be a waste if it just dissapears on a harddrive somewhere
  11. You and me both! The Sums did it right with brownsounds return and it felt really natural at the time and still do. But the blink situation is different imo. Green Day making Jason a full member could have gone either way, he was still only a backing musician
  12. "I'm so sorry you got cancer, here, have a bass!"
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