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  1. I feel that one always should judge artists by their tits
  2. That may be, but i really enjoy that song
  3. Meatloaf was one of those artist that I always knew about, but really can't name any songs by other than the (amazing) duet with Cher.
  4. They added another day to that festival
  5. Love this, both song and album
  6. That's good though, they deserve to live on. I wonder if The Umbrella Academy has anything to do with it?
  7. Are there even any underage girls that listen to this? This will be a fest with 25-35 year olds
  8. Boys Like Girls are making a reunion im guessing since Martin has been doing The Night Game for a while now. Paramore is doing a comeback/reunion. MCR is on their whole reunion/comeback thing. So some of them are doing a comeback at least
  9. I would go with you! We could be in the front row of MCR together Just to show you we were not all insufferable nincompoops
  10. Kinda crazy lineup if you ask me
  11. Yeah, modlife WAS a good idea at the time, social media weren't a thing like today, and it was basically myspace on steroids, but it was always doomed to not last.
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