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  1. Jumanji: the next level last night. Kevin Hart is one of the funniest people alive
  2. It’s scary when you think of how fast it went
  3. I used to follow them all on Instagram but Travis and mark got too much. I still follow Tom though, I think his dogs in cars post is pretty amusing
  4. I was going to ask earlier but forgot at the time, do you live close to where the landslide happened? I saw it on the news, jarring af
  5. Maybe fell short on the building of the spaceship and jumped ship instead?
  6. Haha yeah I understood that, I should have put a "lmfao" or something after my post so you understood the joke behind it. But it was always hilarious when you met those kind of bands in the younger days that had their "morals", each of them sounded like horse crap 😂
  7. I remember when local bands used to say "we're not mainstream" or "we're not sellouts" and all those statements meant that they sounded like crap
  8. Put on Shotter's Nation and come back after it to see if you still feel that way!
  9. Oh yes, that would be amazing. Bring it on! And when we're at it bring back Babyshambles too
  10. So, is 2021 the year of the Oasis reunion?
  11. Like 90% of everything he’s released since 1998 has been a great, I’m sure this will be as well
  12. Yeah same here. Ever since We don’t need to whisper Got released I’ve became more of an AVA fan than blink fan, although blink will always be nostalgic for me. These days though I rarely listen to anything blink related unless it comes on on shuffle or something new drops. With that said, Suburban Kings came on a shuffle playlist today in the car and it was definitely jamming
  13. Awesome @Kay I've been listening to this song quite regularly since the final mix was done. It's a great song.
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