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  1. I haven’t listened to them in a while but white crosses is one album that tend to come on in the car on longer trips.
  2. They've swapped it out for the deluxe version.
  3. Jan.. not my guy anymore, du gör mig besviken.
  4. Just people liking what they like
  5. Isn't that basically what the BotBM is?
  6. @ghents shtick_182 My guy!!
  7. Tom/AVA needing a change up is all subjective though. They came from what in my opinion where their best album in their careers (as AVA) before doing Dream Walker. I certainly didn't think they needed any change up
  8. This is a bigger discussion that we would never get out of so I politely bow out 😂 ------- About Tom being able or not to write a BCR style song I agree with you, if we're talking riffs, Tom is just as gifted as ever to write a riff that could fit a BCR-style song or record, but I think that his influences has changed to the point where he just wouldn't be able to do a whole song
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