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  1. Hey, you got this far, the longest I’ve gotten in these competitions is the trash bin on submission haha
  2. Yeah, it’s been super fast. Looks high af as well.. Look how healthy Mark looks in between Matt and Travis (who looks scarier and scarier for every year that goes by). Totally looks like he went down the wrong alley haha
  3. Other than it looks like he ate someone he looks fine to me..
  4. Yeah, but they don't have to rely on the backing tracks as much cus they have added a guitarist on stage.. That, and they are probably better musicians tbh..
  5. Not true, most touring rockbands with some dignity adds touring members to their live shows. Green Day, Foo Fighters, All Time Low, Sum 41 to name a few.. That is how you do it, not phoning it in with backing tracks you don't need.
  6. Stop using the backing tracks period. They don't need it, never have. If they want more guitars, then do it how it supposed to and add a touring guitarist behind the amplifiers, he can even add backing vocals.
  7. Yeah I'm with you on this one! Anxiety isn't just close quality wise to Hallucinations, it beats it imo. As much as I love Love 1, when Love 2 was released I was euphoric, I honestly though it was their best work. These days I like both albums, but part two is the better half
  8. Have you seen all those “Vocal coach reacts” videos on YouTube where they reacting and talking about the vocal techniques of famous singers? How hilarious would it be to see a video where they’re analyzing Marks, Toms or Skibas singing!? 😂
  9. No you don’t need permission for live use, all though, the copyright owners do get royalties, but not from the performing artists, but from the venue.
  10. Uhm, why wouldn’t he still be able to perform the songs?
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