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  1. For some reason I hear Liam Gallaghers voice when I read this, and it makes it hella funny
  2. Nah they have said that cheerleader thing earlier in album process too so that wasn’t any new information. He was definitely at some sessions early on before bowing out from what I can remember But that thing he said about Ryan “losing his ways” is more that we’ve ever gotten to date about what happened right?
  3. Interviewer - The tour in 2018/2019 sold out really fast David - “yeah it did, it was weird” 😂😂
  4. There's some really good songs on it.
  5. Yeah, I noticed on the band competition that most here don't like them. I've always liked them, finally got to see them live 2014 on their smash tour, it was amazing!
  6. Yeah like the build ups what not. I know most people on this place don't like them, but this album has some really good songs on it imo, and especially as I said earlier, the gone away live piano version.
  7. @Jan is a silly cunt @JarJarBlinks The song feels very Bad Religion-y to me as well, is it only me?
  8. Haha I totally hear bloodhound gang in the chorus too. But it doesn’t take away the goodness from it for me though. I’ve been waiting for this album for years
  9. I really enjoyed the album, opening track is my favorite song for now, and I am also happy that they finally recorded the live version of Gone Away, Dexter sounds amazing on it.
  10. Haha I tried to end it but you continued anyway. Thank you for the quote though, It was good to not having to refresh every 20 seconds to see if I've gotten a reply. Now let's mmbop together! 🥰
  11. Well yeah, it's definitely unnecessary if you want the one you're answering to not get a notification you answered. Let's end it here, hug it out, and just enjoy the god damn song. You can listen to the original children voiced version while I can listen to the one with manly voices, and then we both can have a good time, deal?
  12. Have you forgotten how to quote? Or do you just not want the one your answering to get a notification because you just want the last word?
  13. I'm not too keen on it either tbh. The intro part that repeats after the chorus as well is waaaaay too long, would have made a better impact with 4 bars instead
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