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  1. That’s always what bands says when they know they’re not good enough “yeah it’s meant to be sloppy” “we’re not trying to be commercial” etc
  2. Miley should have had the first verse though, it would have worked better with mark starting the song with the chorus and all imo
  3. That's funny how different everyone sees things, if I would do the same comparisons I would say pennywise was leaning towards hard rock while offspring was more towards punk rock and raw
  4. I just finished it, great show tbh. I didn't start it until a couple of weeks ago, I always had a feeling it would be bad but I was wrong
  5. That first verse in Valkyrie Missile is like the biggest anti climax ever. First that teaser they posted of the outro of the song, then that build up (that bass riff is fucking great), and then the song pops on and all the momentum just goes away. It feels like the intro should have been part of a different song tbh. I definitely like the production on I-Empire more than WDNTW though My favorite album of theirs is love part 2 closely followed by part 1. Oh yeah, if we're talking about build ups and intros of albums, Love part 1 is where they got it right!
  6. I would love for a whole album with this sound. I mean, I could just go and listen to Offspring, but this was dope!
  7. I really liked this one. Also, someone said the chorus sounded like a NOFX song, I'm too lazy to go back and look for the post but the song you're searching for is we march to the beat of indifferent drum
  8. I'm struggling to find this on the interweb as well. Anyone have a link or something?
  9. I would really like to hear the whole song, maybe I'd appreciate that bit a little more then. As of now it's kept off of mine version of NINE
  10. Obvious was mix with the masters I think (not entirely sure) but The Adventure was nail the mix
  11. Remember that the latency isn't just the interfaces doing, it's more of a collaboration between the computer and interface. I would rather recommend something like this rather than the zoom as you get a microphone and headphones in one bundle, The mic pre in this one isn't bad at all. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Scarlet2i2SG3--focusrite-scarlett-2i2-studio-3rd-gen-recording-bundle
  12. Looks great, UA is a great company that knows what they're doing. You can get away with cheaper stuff though with great results. Also, remember that this is thunderbolt 3. But this interface looks great!
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