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  1. Her solo stuff is not for me
  2. I haven’t listened to them in a while but white crosses is one album that tend to come on in the car on longer trips.
  3. They've swapped it out for the deluxe version.
  4. Jan.. not my guy anymore, du gör mig besviken.
  5. Just people liking what they like
  6. Isn't that basically what the BotBM is?
  7. @ghents shtick_182 My guy!!
  8. Tom/AVA needing a change up is all subjective though. They came from what in my opinion where their best album in their careers (as AVA) before doing Dream Walker. I certainly didn't think they needed any change up
  9. This is a bigger discussion that we would never get out of so I politely bow out 😂 ------- About Tom being able or not to write a BCR style song I agree with you, if we're talking riffs, Tom is just as gifted as ever to write a riff that could fit a BCR-style song or record, but I think that his influences has changed to the point where he just wouldn't be able to do a whole song
  10. Yeah I understand, I took it as he meant that they uses different amp sims on different songs so he's not sure what "gear" they're using. That could be because I do the same and couldn't tell you what "amp" I'm using on a certain song if my life depended on it haha. I could have interpreted it wrong though. About the playing I took it as you said on a later post that Ilan did his thing on the rhythm track. But with Tom there's no way to know anything because he's talking like a madman half of the time, and the rest of the time he contradicts himself all - the - time lmao. Same here, I'm staying clear of all clips, I haven't looked/listened to the live clip of time bomb either nor have I listened to the latest single, I want to have some sort of first time listening experience when the album drops
  11. I don’t, but I don’t know nor do I claim to know their relationship so I can’t make assumptions about it, unlike some others..
  12. How do you know what’s unprompted or not, are you close to either of them?
  13. What’s so moronic about what he said about the gear?
  14. I mean, doesn’t every musician feel that way about their music? Is there even any point in releasing anything to the public that you don’t feel that way about? To paraphrase Richie Sambora when asked what the best song is “the answer will always be the one I last wrote”
  15. Congrats to a well paying career diddy!
  16. You guys take everything Fappy says way too serious, I’m with him on this one, there’s definitely a difference between “heard from him” and “had a conversation with him”. No ticket to the everybodyshitsondiddytrain for me this day.
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