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  1. This is like a line from a rap song ngl. hahaha
  2. Or am i thinking of that band that did that bond theme? Who was that?
  3. Wes.. Is that the dude with the skeleton mask? Or am i thinking of a different band?
  4. Love both The Knife and Never Look Back. But man, get what i need is so good. First time I heard it, at the first listen through of the album, as the chorus hit, I knew i was gonna love the album - and i did!
  5. What? Blink released an album not even three full years ago?!
  6. Actually, Brian cowrote pleeeeenty of their songs - and still does. Some of their biggest hits even. Nick has cowrote songs, howie has cowrote songs. Kevin has written music for plenty of their songs. When they recorded with Max, Brian often was there a few weeks before the rest of the boys as he wrote together with Max.
  7. You keep trying to cling to something else after I have already punched a hole in your arguments. And I doubt that those artists are the only ones on those records.
  8. You keep forgetting that he's a solo artist. Do you think studio musicians get displayed on the album covers of other solo artists, or is it just a standard you believe Kelly should adhere to?
  9. Why did you say that he doesn't play guitar on any of his albums when he clearly does? This album is the work of a solo artist, not a band. There must be studio musicians. How would he record the album if not? And the reason why there are so many is probably that different people play different songs. There's nothing odd or unusual about this on a solo recording. Why did you say he plays nothing at all? Nobody has made him out to be a guitar virtuoso, but he obviously can play what's required for his songs. Further knowledge of his instrument is not required. Kelly is one of four people credited with playing guitar on the song according to Allmusic. Nevertheless, it's irrelevant. The fact that Kelly is not playing on every single song is more of a testament to his lack of ego than anything else. It shows that he's professional and cares more about the final product. Again, this was made by a solo artist. It's not odd at all to have 5-7 bassists, 35 guitarists, 52 drummers, and/or different producers on such a record since it was probably recorded in different studios, at different times, with different personnel.
  10. I was so stoked for the upcoming album following up to DED. Truly think it would have been an amazing record
  11. whatched senior year and the adam project the other day
  12. I had completely missed that they had released a new EP this year. It really feels like a follow up to OK Human! I'm listening through it right now and I love it. This song is my favorite after the first spin!
  13. Yeah. Some could believe that they're actually in love!
  14. I mean I was just joking but this is a big problem for all the big nations. it really sucks that NHL ruined the Olympics that was the only real world championship tournament with all the best players for all countries
  15. That’s really cool!
  16. Yeah, and that they suck in world tournaments doesn’t help!
  17. Yeah, nhl isn’t that interesting for people outside us/Canada tbf. At least what I gather. I figured World Cup maybe could light some fire in if someone is hockey interested but you’re right, this is the wrong forum for this
  18. Any hockey people here?
  19. i can't tell if you're being serious or sarcastic hahaha. I too love those songs though. Give me one good reason has always been my favorite on toypaj along with time to break up (one of blinks all time best songs, period). It sucks that it's not on streaming platforms since it's becoming forgotten. I'm not super keen on the other one, don't tell me that it's over is kinda meh for me, i don't dislike it but i'd chose other songs on the record before it
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