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  1. The best thing for blink would have been that they just let Tom take them to Modlife and To the stars.. I don't think it would've changed anything for Mark and Travis except them having a motivated and happy Tom.
  2. Travis laid back attitude has always felt like an act to me,, if a reporter would have asked that question to either Mark and Tom they probably would have answered that they dress up in monkey suits jacking off in a treetop while eating a banana! Or something like that! But not all high and mighty Travis! He's too gangsta for that shit!
  3. As he should be doing, AVA has been his #1 priority since the original break up with Blink! To think that he would change that cus he reconciled with his old buddies and started playing Blink again is just stupid! Blink has been his side project since the reunion, and there is nothing wrong with that imo. He really believes in Angels & Airwaves, why should he just end that? I am really looking forward to the new songs he's about to release, then I really hope that he will take AVA out on a real tour like the old days!
  4. Less Than Jake did the 1 album/show thing too!
  5. I knew that I had it somewhere in my head haha! They gave the fans what they wanted at the time and the didn't fell short on that!
  6. Didn't Mark say something about the Untitled anniversary shows, that they got the idea from fans writing about it on twitter or something like that? I have a vague memory of something like that!
  7. Actually, nothing can ever take away what he contributed to the band up until 2014 since it's mostly his songs on Neighborhoods and Dogs Eating Dogs! --- One thing that never could come past me was that every song was soo fucking slow after the reunion! The old songs that is!
  8. The first video was a little out of it, but the other two was totally spot on, I don't know what you're talking about!
  9. Like blink182.com back in the day if any of you used to hang over there!
  10. Personally, I hate thread forums, It should all just be one big forum were everyone can talk about everything with each other! One big open forum is so much more alive than having everything in boring half dead threads.
  11. Actually no, when you own a studio, you usually record everything when you write the songs, then you show the recording to your band mates and they know where you want to go with the song. This is not that difficult to understand, dude.
  12. Every song in the blink repertoire isn't written by them together. If we say that about half of the songs is written separately, does that mean that only half of the songs blink's done is blink songs then!? If Tom has written songs that was intended for Blink when he was a songwriter for that band, they are indeed his Blink-182 demos!
  13. Just because Tom write songs all on his own doesn't make them AVA scraps.
  14. And Matt's songs will be Alkaline Trio scraps, and that makes Mark's songs +44 scraps with your logic! You guys are funny!
  15. I know you guys hate Tom and everything about him, but it sucks that all this happened cus I were really pumped for the new album! the DED EP were so much better than Neighborhoods, and When I Was Young is one of my all time favorites! The verses in Disaster is really awesome too, as the whole EP! I'm really sceptic about this new "era" that you guys call it, I love Matt's song writing and Alkaline Trio is one of my favorite punk bands, AND, Mark - Matt - Travis really is a pop punk super group! But it is not and will never be Blink-182 imo..
  16. Dogs Eating Dogs we're very much done in the studio! So.. yeah...
  17. Ehm.. Dude, did you even hear Neihborhoods or Dogs Eating Dogs!? It's clearly more Tom on Neighborhoods by at least 70%.. And Dogs Eating Dogs is like Tom did 90%
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