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  1. Agreed. Hope they pay overprice as well
  2. Shouldn't the flyswatter tapes only have "blink" and not "182"? Feels like an easy tell right there
  3. I mean mark came on our zoom chat to hang with us, he had to do it through his own internet plan which he pays for so in a way mark was simping for us
  4. We’re pretty fucking great ngl
  5. Sounds like you’re the simp for Davey 👀
  6. Aren’t you also one of those calling people for simps then!?
  7. I love Teenage Satellites. Super catchy, and the ultimate +44 meets Alkaline Trio track of that album imo
  8. Mark suing his neighbour for a tree he sees from his bedroom window is still the most hilarious thing the blink camp has produced for a long while
  9. Judging by her belly that baby will be born in December/January
  10. I wonder if he got to taste the lasagna yet?
  11. Atom is always making every band he's in a little better than they previously were. I love Trio, and Atom is one of my favourite drummers as well. This is gonna be fucking great!
  12. It still don't sound like Tom on guitar on another girl to me. Never thought he actually did the guitars on that recording
  13. With how they're sounding right now? Hell yeah!
  14. True, but I'm guessing they rewrote something , or , wrote a new song or something? when the tour started with them being in their element and wanted to fix that and record/rerecord before closing the lid on the album fully. This is the first time since maybe 2003 they're fully back to normal so they're probably just savouring the moment and working/reworking and enjoying the moment
  15. I believe this is the closest to the truth too. I'm really intrigued by this album though, the sound of it, the direction they're gonna take with the songwriting. I initially thought we would get something closer to Neighborhoods but then Edging came out and was nothing like it so I really wonder where it will go
  16. I call single this friday together with album announcement
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