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  1. That is freaking great news though!
  2. A yellow card reunion would be great news imo We added ATST as our “stick it in if the crowd is good” song in our set some years back and it’s been a success so far. This was also not my idea haha but it really works for what it’s supposed to do
  3. What happened to the song pharell produced?
  4. Yeah they were just starting to find their groove. NINE was a great album!
  5. What does ".437>.40" mean?
  6. Brunos first two albums were amazing imo. Also the best halftime show
  7. It all just sounds so busy to me, kinda gives me a panic attack
  8. I love lucy, little help is one of my favs as well. Yeah, both were amazing in their own rights, no need to pit them against each other.
  9. My favorites are sgt pepper and the mystery tour, and I always get torn between which one of them really are my favorite. Sgt pepper is better for listening start to finish imo, while the mystery tour has some of my absolute favs by them, such as fool on the hill, I am the walrus, hello goodbye, and of course strawberry fields and penny lane. I do think these are their two best albums hands down though, with the white album as a contestant. yeah, from a production stand point, no one could come close to what beatles or beach boys were doing those days, tbh not musically either. and, who can listen to obladi and NOT sing or hum along to the verses!?
  10. He hasn’t listened to more than their biggest hits, it’s kinda clear. Stealing the thread though. What are your fav albums by them?
  11. It WAS a sincere question! He didn't like it though. That's on him lmao He didn't know how big of a Feldy fan I am. Hahaha, probably thought that I was trying to make fun of him or something
  12. The drama is what keeps this place alive haha
  13. I rarely think in terms of "riffs"
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