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  1. can't remember the last time i picked up my guitar to learn some blink songs. I was done in 30min (pretty funny knowing the album is 42min) They're still using the same patterns
  2. goddamn the chorus in no heart to speak of is amazing
  3. gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang
  4. I went to Groezrock 2 weeks ago, one of the biggest punk/hardcore festivals around, heard enough. and i also mean punkrock being released today or in the future. It changed so much and it won't come back.
  5. dude don't be a prick. You know damn well i mean punk rock which we all grew up with
  6. If you say "it's growing on me" i think you listened to it like 10 times. That's brainwashing yourself basicly
  7. all bands you named are bands that have been around for a while
  8. the lyrics on BIOMY are waaaaay better, i can't even understand how you can say that. Don't get me wrong, i have no problem with you liking the song, to eacht their own, i just don't get it. When i listened to Rebel Girl with my brother a few days ago we both just started laughing our asses off 1 minute in.
  9. What i've come to realise since california: punkrock as we know it is dead. Everything is played on clicktrack, every performance is with a backing guitar and sometimes vocals. No more drunk/high musicians on stage.... What a shame this has happened to punkrock
  10. The samples are cliché, BIOMY makes much better use. Tom keeps writing lyrics about girls or boys, he sounds like a fucking donkey and keeps making the same music.
  11. I think it'll be the other way around. Mainstream song for recognition. Next single(s):boom, some guitars and shit
  12. Rebel Girl is in my eyes a complete turd. But hey, who knows how the other songs turn out to be. Also: people that thought California was an OK album should be more excited for this one.
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