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  1. Miley cyrus is brilliant singer, i would like to hear that version
  2. Fucking unreal. He must have good connections to get a hold of that stuff ...
  3. Yeah, just mix in stereo. Counter check from time to time how it sounds in mono and adjust. I'd rather make compromises in mono but have a great sounding stereo mix. Yeah theres not much need to download a shitton of plug ins. Logic has enough great stock plug ins to make a great mix. If you can't get good results with that, you won't get good results with more plug-ins
  4. There is also a lot of nonsense in lots of tutorials. The fundamentals are the same, but there are different approaches on a lot of things. I agree with everything you said though. I'll say this though: 8h watching tutorials < 8h making music and training your ear There is just so much stuff that can't be generalized the way some of those youtubers do. Also, most of them are endorsed by brands.
  5. It's funny 'cause it's true.
  6. You can go fuck yourself. Crayon eating cunt
  7. can't stand it to be honest.
  8. I am confused. Is man overboard some kind of fan favorite song on here?
  9. Watching Tiger King, it's fucking insane. So well produced
  10. iirc at some secret show atom played some of the new songs from his iPod and a kid recorded them and posted them online. I think it was secret crowds, star of bethlehem/true love (which they played live before the release), sirens and some other song.
  11. love like rockets edit: oh well, yeah jumping rooftops. its an intro to rite of spring, not sure why we even have to vote it out. same goes for star of betlehem, as it's the same song as true love
  12. ....of nightmares is the best tom has done between untitled and rebel girl/kiss and tell IMO
  13. damn this election thing made me realise how bad this record has aged for me. has got to be my least favourite ava release by far. valkyrie missile
  14. Hi gabe! nobody gives a shit about copyrights, it's just lame to release a song with a riff you didn't write yourself, calling it a letter to elise pt.2 which makes no sense because a letter to elise was a brilliant song by the cure and this song is terrible, and finally marking it as copyrighted by toast&bananas which is also the name of a song by a other band. i have no problems with terrible songs, but the combination of all three of the above listed things makes it unbearable for me
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