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  1. New low for the boards. Keep it fucking together
  2. Jesus fucking christ! Stop the madness. View from below is the bomb! Artillery gets my vote
  3. No. Its just not a pop punk song. That genre died almost two decades ago as it should.
  4. I think its common knowledge that travis is not the brightest fella...
  5. This is the story about a "Rapper" that found out he doesnt have the chops for a sistainable career in rap, so he desperatly tried his luck at another genre and failed miserably. Mgk is a fucking disgrace. Cant stand the cunt
  6. I think we can agree on that @Feeling_This_1 is a nonce and the fact he gets so upset about people not agreeing on this song being pop-punk(which it isn't btw) is just another proof that he should fuck right off
  7. Eminem is definately one of the most incredible artists of our generation, and in my opinion stills the greatest rapper of all time.
  8. Could be, thats all i could handle before i left...
  9. I do,most bands i've seen live crushed blink and gd musicianwise.. What i don't enjoy is beeing called a "little motherfucker " 20 times per 30 minutes while constantly having to respond to : " siing heeee-yooo". No thanks.
  10. I would let my girlfriend cheat on me with tom. But only unprotected. The chance of having a delonge baby to sell is too tempting. The ava movement would make me rich
  11. I've seen blink two times in Europe. Once at a festival on the reunion tour, once at an arena on the neighborhoods tour. The first show was amazing just because i was so starstruck to see these guys i've been following for a decade or so and it was the first time to see them in person. The second show was an absolute blast. The setlist was nice and they came up with some really good jokes. I agree though, compared to other bands they don't offer much live. But an arena full of blink fans going crazy was an amazing experience. Green Day however, was unbearable for me to watch live. I'
  12. Ilan and Aaron made tom su much better! just like mark and travis did before the first break-up
  13. Wolfpack! The Start of the second vers in tunnels might be one of my favorite things i ever heard from tom.
  14. Cool very joyous (?) video! and super cute song! Big up!
  15. honestly i just love all the songs left way to much.
  16. Tom is the man. can't wait for this album!
  17. haha what a loser. don't ban this guy, we need something to laugh at in these dark times
  18. I have a love/hate relationship with that b182 mark interview. I kinda love it but i also think it's the stupidest thing ever. Like there is a lot of nice inside into the bands seperation, but at the same time, mark was so desperate to have the blink fans on his side..... i think a lot of the answers were exaggerated/made up, to gain him popularity amongst the fanbaser after the split. Same thing happen in 2005: the whole story about tom's infmaous mail "tom. is. out." ... he contradicted that story in some interviews, sometimes mentioned aphonecall, sometimes tom sendt the email, s
  19. Lol they deleted the post.
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