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  1. fair enough, you proved the people saying you wouldn't do a youtube live stream of you playin blink wrong. congrats I'm not going down any road. You claim you can do something that you will never be able to prove. It's like me claiming : " If i was a billionaire I'd make this world a better place and save the animals". Then i'd post a video of me petting a cat as evidence that I do like animals. I can't meet the real conditions, but I was good to animals, right? I don't get the point really, but whatever. I like seeing you thrive when people talk about you. also love the drama, so good job
  2. well did you play with other musicians? Exactly you can't meet the conditions of a arena live performance. so why bother? skiba was talented enough to make it to a band where he plays arenas every night and you don't. end of story yeah i skipped through it. had to give up though as you can't hear anything at all... just to make this clear, i think skiba is a piss poor choice for blink and doesn't deliver the way he should. I still don't know what this whole livestream thing is about except for you craving the attention
  3. i still can't believe that anyone thinks playing along to a cd in your bedroom is even in the same ballpark as performing live with other musicians over a huge PA system. props to you oliver for following through with this. the only thing this really proved though is that you are a blink fan that still know's how to play the songs he likes and has not nearly as much going on in his life as we wants to make everyone here believe. A fun watch though, thanks. i just wish i could hear anything to judge your skill ..
  4. Why would somebody lie about having painted an epiphone dot like a tom delonge signature? Ah yes, cause, oliver
  5. Haha , love it when oliver is in full meltdown mode. Also i'd beat the shit out of you performance wise, oliver. I'll post a video after I banged my recent tinder matches. See you next week
  6. He is allowed to do whatever he wants. But a major dick move imo. Same category as ticketscalpers Get a real job.
  7. So you bought a nice fan collectors item from an authorised page just to resell it for a higher price? Fucking scumbag. i hope this embarassment of a thread gets deleted
  8. You guys really take public tweets of a pornstar about losing her virginity serious? Sounds like brilliant advertising to make teenage boys horny
  9. Decent song, in the same vein as BIOMY. Not really impressed not really disapointed. Meh. Travis is great as always though and i like the production on this one
  10. Is speedo on here 24/7 constantly refreshing his browser so he can write a useless reply to every single post in this thread? You could use a break man, talk to some people face to face
  11. I see no problem in that vans partnership. However if tom would do it, ghent would go nuts and say stuff like" does he live in a hotel room now? He must be out of money to do this shit. What a loser"
  12. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    Just post the goddamn song oliver and i'll send you a picture of my balls. they're not the prettiest but I won't just stand here and let some stranger on the internet call me a coward. Day ruined In all seriousness, stop making up shit. If you don't post any evidence nobody's going to believe you since you have a long history of lies in this place.
  13. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    Does anybody actually care how i, or anybody looks like?
  14. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    wrong section to bring the Trump stuff up dude…. let it go
  15. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    gotta agree on this one... whata bitter cunt… i thought you had some dick action going on Oliver? why are you online all the time?
  16. generational divide was on swiss radio today while I was driving. sounded great and was fun. the hosts assumed it was some Kind of marketing gag though with it being 49 seconds long. still Always happy to hear them on the radio
  17. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    so racist...
  18. everybody who is not a real blink fan should get a two week ban imo. That way they can set their priorities straight and decide if they want to stay or not. can't be arsed with those phony wannabe fans that dislike the skiba era. This place needs a cleansing asap so we can worship blink 182 like we are meant to do
  19. are we really having a discussion on who is a real blink fan and who isn't? what afucking shitshow, felt so embarassed reading the last few pages of grown men defending their fandom for a band. grow the fuck up.
  20. Song sounds great until skiba comes in. Why is he twice as loud as the rest of the band? Rip headphone users. Seems more like a initial idea than a full song though.
  21. Definately the wors material blink has ever released. unpopular opinion: Misery is the only song I don't always skip when it comes on shuffle.
  22. Does anybody have the link to that WMAA performance with skiba where he starts of in the wrong key? Its shot by a fan at some outside venue...
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