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  1. Mark in simple creatures is good at the moment. He looks like he's having a lot of fun and the chemistry is really there. I think he also enjoys the novelty of it all, new questions, new band, new live concept. Mark in blink at the moment is just not enjoyable for me. he always looks and sounds so jaded. really looks like two different people in those two bands. I share the opinion with @Scott. that blink should just call it quits. They really could just create a new band and still play some of the blink hits like +44 did. heck they can even advertise it a ""Supergroup XY" feat. members of Blink-182 and alkaline trio" as to quote the man himself(2006) : " Travis and I could tour as blink-182 if we wished. We could hire a new guitarist and hit the road. It would be our right, since Tom quit. Of course we have no plans to do that. Blink-182 was the three of us. The whole thing would be very disingenuous"
  2. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    I've never seen a rock show with seats at the front? Is this a common thing? Last time i saw blink was berlin in 2012 and the whole floor was going nuts through the whole set. One of the best shows in my life!
  3. I hope there are teenagers breaking out of school and spraypainting the cities walls, or tom eating a cheeseburger
  4. As for the promo video, it really is just that. A promo video. But The fact that they set up the whole production, got lil wayne to show up, got cameras set up to film and had probably about 20 people working for this and this is the best performance they got out of it is both hilarious and tragic. Maybe there were better takes on the reel but this was the only one skiba was able to play 8 bars of the wmaa again riff without muting strings
  5. Yeah it is very generic garbage and if i wouldnt know about a new blink single i wouldnt even notice it on the radio. So what? Maybe the next song will fit my taste more? I'm not happy with the direction this band is taking either but i follow them anyways and am happy if they release something i like. If not, i dont have to listen to it on repeat. I definately dont have to spend my time here trying to prove people wrong about something as objective as music taste Just move on and wait for the next song, and if you aren't interested in the band at all anymore, then thats fine too. You seemed very calm after your return from your break. Don't freak out about this new blink song. Theres plenty of other stuff to talk about on here
  6. Sadly, The only guy pissing over the song in that performance was mark himself
  7. I'm not a huge fan of this somg but it isnt the ebarassing mess people are making it out to be. Chill the fuck down and wait for the full album
  8. He wouldn't retweet it if he didn't give a shit
  9. Listened to it again today, and i think it's a well done song. Could be great on the radio. I still find it embarassing that 3 top players of the pop punk/alternative rock scene need to hire someone to write a teenage pop hymn with them to stay relevant. Thats more a critique about the approach than the result. I wouldn't skip the station if this song would come on on the radio. But i'm also not gonna put this on any of my playlists to listen to it later. In fact if this wouldn't have been blink i would've forgotten about this song already. It's fun to see in which directions they are developing. I don't like the outcome, but i'll definately check their record out. With new ava, new blink and simple creatures this is gonna be a interesting year for any blink fan
  10. Has anybody seen toms last insta post? Hes thanking his fans and gives a shout out to the new blink song and simple creatures!! Actually very happy about this! They seem to really have found their peace with the situation and we can all profit from the great music we are getting! And a new blink record as well;)
  11. i'm not saying this won't be a good successful pop record. but do i Need that record to be lined up with dude ranch and the untitled record? No. It's clearly a different aproach, with different bandmembers, different Writers and a different production. it's a totally different Project. the blink Name is only there for the money and you know it. again, can't wait to see how they're trying to pull this off live... there are so many Elements that just Need to be on the backing track plus it's even more out of their singing range than California was. i'm sure you'll find a way to defend that as well though
  12. because it was a ripoff of various other bands in the genre and a absolutely uninspired manufactered mess I'm not against anything this band does. i want to like what they do really bad actually. it's not my fault that they manage to destroy their legacy more with everything they release. Take your tinfoilhead of and settle your ridicolous dispute with that bad delonge guy ok? it's been 4 years. time to let go and to be objective.
  13. i would like mark and travis to do exactly that. i would like blink to be the music they used to be doing and that made them the band they are….. those times are long gone. everbody knows it. start something new. i have absolutely no Problem with the new music they are doing, but it isn't what blink used to be so it shouldn't be under the same Name. but money….
  14. Love the instagram top comment to this. Go check em out. They sure will delete them soon
  15. Good pop song, terrible production, absolutely has Nothing to do with blink 182. get someone else to sing this and you wouldn't even know. lol can't wait to see how they try to pull this off live haha... But matt's vocal delivery on this is absolute killer! i also liked the lyric Video! and it's gonna do good on the radio, so, congrats, i guess can't wait for more simple creatures and AvA
  16. What a comeback! So much heart and passion on the pitch, that was beautiful to watch. Klopp deserves this title! I think Ajax will make the finals tonight
  17. NOFX has some great songs, and they were one of my favorite bands growing up. But celebrating being a drunk fuck up on stage in your 40s is more sad than badass. huge cringefset nowadays. fat mike tries way too hard
  18. they hate blink because they didn't choose to stay indie for the rest of their life.... wasn't there something about it in some book?
  19. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    where did he mention meet and greets?
  20. i dont believe they had 40+ Songs done. 40+ ideas, Maybe.... they tend to exaggerate in this regard
  21. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    Travis always collaborates with the worst rappers, lol, but lil wayne ain't that bad Congrats to Matt though for playing the riff correctly. it only took him 4 years... why is there a vocal mike for matt? you can't hear his backing vocals, even if you sometimes see him yell them at the mic....... did they decide to cut them out? the only backing i can hear is tom's guitar and harmonies Travis is great as always, lil wayne - even if off sometimes, is a good rapper.. The only disapointing thing is that mark can't even sing WMAA properly anymore. and this is a studio setting with perfect sound and everything.... if tom is a smart man, me busts his ass of practicing for the upcoming tour... I'm pretty sure blink fans were never so eager on hearing new tom music again, after all the letdowns... Whatever happens, I am so ready for tom to yodel himself into my heart again! #tombot
  22. Microwave all the way!

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