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  1. Tell us how you really feel about Chicago! Or were you talking about Detroit? 😂😘
  2. That is cool though Oliver. I’m sure you felt the same as I felt last night. But I gotta say, something about Chicago on a Saturday night, I don’t think that will ever be topped. I’ll see how Detroit on a Tuesday compares. It’s still gonna be hype as fuck, but Chicago on Saturday…that was special.
  3. Was last night’s or to tonight’s performance better?
  4. It’s not too late for the multi-millionaire @High VaIue Man to make things right for the board and fly out to Detroit. Especially when he’s so good at cancelling and scheduling flights on a whim! If I was a millionaire I would fly out to go to a show with each and every single one of you!
  5. Dude it was SO good there live. YouTube videos don’t give their performance any justice. I’m so stoked that I get to see them in less than 48 hours again in Detroit lol
  6. Sure bud. Did you take too many percs today and forget that you already admitted you need to provide an explanation? Lol. I don’t wanna hear it, so save it. Just understand that I know you’re full of crap, and a scaredy cat. You let the entire board down dude
  7. He’s a washed up, senile and low value member of this website. I don’t know what else to say
  8. I think he just chickened out. He didn’t have the gull to meet me face to face after all the shit he’s talked. I was willing to put all that aside to get a pic for the board but he was too much of a coward. I’m honestly not surprised at all.
  9. Don’t know what his deal is, but once again his story doesn’t add up. I’m not losing any sleep about it, just calling it like it is.
  10. Who knows, and it doesn’t matter. But you did lol
  11. Or he just chickened out on meeting, and went to the show. He never responded when I texted and asked for an update right before the show. Personally, I think he ducked me lol
  12. Dude it’s crazy, it feels like it. I’d say best concert since I saw them the first time in 2001 for the TOYPAJ Tour. It feels like they came full circle
  13. Thanks man! Had a great time, and I think it all worked out for the best
  14. That show was absolutely massive. I’ll upload videos later
  15. Also they played Mmmbop through the PA right when they walked off. Couldn’t believe it. Felt like it was just for me. I’ve told y’all how I loved Hanson before blink lol
  16. What’s crazy is we are at a restaurant that was like 5-6 blocks away; and everyone in this bar is rocking blink shirts. This is wild, I never experienced this in Michigan
  17. Yea he’ officially full of it. @Jon Benjaminwas a gentleman and an absolute pleasure to meet.That was the best blink performance I’ve ever seen easily. Absolutely insane experience tonight and I def held back tears at certain points
  18. Na lol , done with asking for proof
  19. So Jan couldn’t make it to the show, totally understandable. I’ll be meeting Jon Benjamin shortly, when we head up to the stadium. He’s already there. But here is what Oliver said. Do we believe him? I’m not sure. I feel a High Value Man would confirm the date of the concert before making flight plans. I’ll let you decide
  20. Looking like they may play Mutt and Not Now tonight.
  21. We have arrived in the city. Fuck da Bears!
  22. I’m def still drunk from last night, The Hangover is appropriate lol
  23. No I am not lol. Never know what happens at a blink show though!
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