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  1. Take some deep breaths and listen to this song. Everythiiings gonna be alright….rocka byeeeee
  2. You are avoiding answering this question directly. Do you think it’s a good idea to change the name of a song that’s already been released or over a year? There’s been a music video made for it? Do you even know if it’s possible to do?
  3. Nice pivot and avoidance of the question. So you think it makes sense to change the name of a song that’s been released for over a year?
  4. I agree. The joke songs were funny back in the day, they’re cringe now.
  5. Wait, what? Are you suggesting they should have changed the name of a song already released for a year? And aren’t you the one who said Edging sounds like Dude Ranch? Lmfao. I’m sorry but that analysis alone makes it easy to dismiss what you’re trying to say about these other songs here too
  6. I’m the weirdest blink fan because I prefer Brohemian rhapsody to turn this off? Sure Jan. It’s widely accepted Rubin wrote and played a lot of the guitar on the last AaA record, and I never claimed to be an AaA fan anyways so I’ll talk all the shit about AaA that I want. Lol, Tombots hate this one simple trick… And I just thought that YouTuber looked kind of like you from what I could remember. Not a bad thing
  7. In other news, Jan I found your YouTube channel!
  8. I was being a troll fool. But Brohemian is still way better than turn this off. Also I’d bet $ the guitars you here on kiss and tell are the Rubins, not Thomas
  9. https://q985online.com/10-reasons-you-might-want-to-think-twice-about-moving-to-wisconsin/
  10. What’s wrong with autistic people? And I’m just saying it’s comparing apples to oranges. That’s like me trying to compare Happy Holidays, You Bastard to Asthenia
  11. How do I join the Tombot club? Are you Tombot #1?
  12. And y’all know Brohemian Rhapsody is much better than Turn This Off. Tombots gonna Tombot though.
  13. I would submit it is you fools bringing the edge trying to compare a basic short song to much better songs that aren’t even comparable lol.
  14. I’m well aware of what Lagwagon sounds like. Turn This Off is just a generic, short “punk” song. You could say it sounds like a lot of things
  15. Tom could never do the riffage in Brohemian Rhapsody 🤘🏼
  16. Lol it sounds nothing like Lagwagon. Yikes. What a dumb take. And in Pathetic Mark and Tom constantly trade off vocals, whereas in Turn This Off Tom has a verse then Mark does his verse. There is no going back and forth. Dumb comparison
  17. Brohemian Rhapsody > Turn This Off and it’s not even close.
  18. It is nothing like Pathetic. It’s not even a real song
  19. Why is that such a good line in your opinion?
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