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  1. Aren’t you the resident pedophile?
  2. If you need people to explain it to you, you’re probably too far gone to grasp the explanation. No point in explaining it. the long and short of it tho, you’re a wack job.
  3. Fuck, I was really hoping you were joking.
  4. I’m gonna have to go ahead and ask for a picture of your full blink sleeve with no room left for additions.
  5. Band is a joke nowadays. Sad to see.
  6. Njdevils26

    Blink Beer

    Quit all nicotine products after about 12 years of usage a while ago🤘🏻 Turns out having a child does indeed make you change your ways.
  7. Njdevils26

    Blink Beer

    Two reasons people drink IPA’s: 1: has more taste than say a bud light or a normal beer 2: has higher alcohol %; get more fucked up. ipa’s aren’t about being hipster, it’s about getting drunker with more flavor than a piss water such as Miller light. happy New Years btw
  8. Coming from a guy who tried to speak from the moral high road on every fucking thing possible, that’s rich. the problem is I know what to expect in this thread, and all the others. Entertainment. Because I know there’s a handful of you that take this shit way too serious and have full blown discussions about the most outrageous things, it makes for excellent reading material on works breaks, etc. You can write whatever you want and discuss whatever the fuck you want, idc. But don’t get offended when someone or myself pops in to tell you how fucking weird you guys are sometimes....a lot of the time.
  9. Who gives a fuck? Is the correct answer.
  10. You’re the biggest loser on here bar none. You use this band and whatever is going on in the members personal life’s to make yourself feel better about your own life and justify what a great guy you are, or think you are. and it doesn’t stop there, you use their profession and measure yourself as a better musician than them to fill whatever void you have missing in your life, all to a crowd of the same 10 bozos that have entertained your bullshit for the last how many ever years. You’re whole existence seems to be based on gloating in this smallest corner of the internet about what a god you are and how you’re better than anyone else.
  11. This gets more pathetic as the days go on. Some real losers on here.
  12. Why do you care so much about being right about anyone else’s private life? Especially someone you don’t even fucking know and you’re just blindly assuming. The narrative in your head is more correct then the persons whose life it is? You are truly a fucking sociopath and a sad sad person. you take other peoples life circumstances and parade around them to somehow twist it into you being the supreme being in every situation, you’re a nut job.
  13. But can she play guitar like Brian May?
  14. I’ve seen much weirder on here, and I’ve only lurked/been active since Blame it on my youth came out.
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