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  1. yeh that sorta works. At the end of teh 3 days ill make the new poll and i aint putting mothers day in. In fact i think in round 2 im just going to chuck out the bonus tracks as well.
  2. yes i did but i dont know where it went ^^^ ok make it 3 or 4 days then??
  3. your face is the worst face ive ever seen but you dont see me complaining. Other forums and other bands have done this eg jew etc and it was quite populer and its better than all the shity hiatus topics on the go right now you cuntsucker
  4. dont worry its very unlikely that STFTK will be voted out in the first round. -NOTE TO EVERYONE ELSE- The song you DISLIKE the most
  5. ok i dunno if this has been done before but who cares. basically you vote for the song that you hate the most and after 7 days the song with most votes loses and round 2 begins without the song that lost untill all the rounds are done and we have the best song on toypaj. And when you vote post the song that you voted for. with or without a reason, it doesnt really matter. I voted for grandpa as i think its a shit song, which adds nothing to the album
  6. Cuth

    An Honest Lie

    while i like your band from what i heard that song title is fitting to the bullshit topic you made the other day
  7. hahah.. do you realize if they lose travis they've lost any talent in that band. then they're a replica of Good Charlotte are you forgetting they made better music before travis came into the band
  8. your giving him advice? way to contradict yourself. just pointing that out. Brilliant post, especially Some guy that knows more than you
  9. it was actually mark that siad it and tom agreed and this would be rad
  10. personally my least fave is enema, its just boring. if i want to listen to songs of enema i listen to MT&TS as enama aint as great as everyone makes it out to be. TOYPAJ>EOS
  11. Its definatly mark, untill they say themselves it was tom its mark for me
  12. yes... and where can i find this bootleg? />http://www.blink-182online.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=28626
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