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  1. I can't beleive nobody has mentioned the togo attacks yet. What makes me furious that CAF (African football association) have the nerve to blame Togo for taking a coach instead of a plane. Firstly, you deemed Angola safe enough to host a football tournament, you shouldn't need to live in fear of being attacked or take different modes of transport. The players should be able to fucking walk to the stadiums if they want to. A bus should not be attacked like that when a big tournament is being hosted, regardless of who is in the bus.
  2. It depends on how we line up. I don't want Robson to replace Crosas or N'Guemo. You have to love Le Guen, allowing N'Guemo to stay for the old firm match! Would like Fortune and McDonald to start up front and then bring on Sammy for the last 20 minutes to cause them real problems. Hopefully he can do the ball thing again but to Boyd.
  3. Hello guys, I got a new laptop from working my ass off so I will be back on here to give you my views I cannot fucking wait for the old firm game tomorrow. I have missed this place, and you Roux who I sometimes disagree with. I fucking love football and everyone who posts in this topic
  4. Wondering why I was not included in the draft?
  5. I think episode 9 was better and I really wanted more of the Seinfeld episode but it was not bad. I think episode 9 is the best of the season.
  6. I think the best one this season so far was The Kittens Mittens episode, I could not stop laughing from start to finish, and that lawyer has quickly become a favorite extra character of mine EGG I think Frank is the funniest character on the show closely followed by Charlie. I think Frank was the best in Season 4 and this season. Liked the D.E.N.N.I.S system episode, especially the part in the shop where Mac is telling them about his and Frank's system.
  7. We really lack a technical midfielder and a natural left winger. We haven't replaced Nakamura and we have never had a left winger. I think we should probably get rid of Maloney and loan out McGinn and then Mcgeady and Mccourt plus a left winger can fight for the two places. We need a better centre midfielder as well. I do like Crosas, Brown and N'Guemo though but none of them are creative enough.
  8. I'm sure they did film the episode but it's only in bits as you get to see some of it next week.
  9. Fifa are corrupt and they will not replay the game because the chance of France going out means they will lose revenue at the world cup. Ireland won't bring much to the table, that's why they seeded the qualifiers because they were scared. I hope Sepp doesn't get the next presidency.
  10. It's not all improv actually but most is. All the stuff with the main four (Larry, Jeff, Susie and Cheryl) are all improvised and some of the guest actors do improv loosly based on a script while others just read lines. Anyway all Michael knew was Leon was going to talk to him about Grotes and that is why when Leon is going on about fucking he looks shocked. Watch his face again, it is pure genuine!
  11. If only Samaras could do that in important matches. He has been poor this season. I am still pissed off Fifa seeded the playoffs, fucking cocks.
  12. The entire Leon and Kramer scene had me crying and in stitches. I was keeled over on my bed laughing. Also that entire scene was improvised so Kramer had no idea what Leon was going to say.
  13. that episode and the black swan were great, pretty sure i missed one episode though right before the black swan. ohwell will catch it some other time. on a side note west side story is fuckin awesome and officer krupke is a sweet song. i remember seeing west side story the movie one night when i was younger with my dad and it was great I hope you didn't miss the wheelchair episode.
  14. I would just like to say that free health care does work great. I love the NHS.
  15. I love Gordon Strachan although alot of Celtic Fans are not his biggest fans but his record speaks for itself, 3 leagues, twice getting into the last 16 of Champions League with a budget of £5m a year and a few domestic cups here and there in four years. Plus he inherited an aging squad by Martin O'Neill and had to cut the wage budget down by 30%. I think he will do a great job for boro BUT he does have his flaws. 1) His post match interview can be extremely frustrating, especially if the team have played badly. As a fan you want to hear something from your manager about what went wrong or how to change for the future. Strachan just speaks in cryptic nonsense. 2) His substitutions are usually baffling. The game needs a goal and he makes a weird change and your screaming at the TV although in his defence last season until near the end he actually improved on this. 3) He does not have the bottle to drop players he likes even if they are performing terribly. He will stick through them to the point where it can't even be seen as being faithful to the player, it's just ridiculous they are playing. Now you know what to expect you shouldn't get annoyed with him lol. God we need this result tonight. Hamburg have lots of injuries and Hinkel is back!
  16. Voting lasts 3 days, vote for the song you like the least. Still no idea who will win this, each round messes with the previous! Poor Waggy lost in the last round. Previous Losers: Round 1 - Boring Round 2 - Degenerate Round 3 - I'm Sorry Round 4 - Lemmings Round 5 - A New Hope Round 6 - Emo Round 7 - Waggy
  17. I didn't really like the new episode. He was just being a prick.
  18. I will be watching this tonight. I really, really hope Uruguay win.
  19. It's not. If you check all the other rounds there are songs with the same number of votes as Dammit. It will be in the final four probably but I doubt it will win.
  20. I hope Portugal fuck up their last game so Sweeden get to the play-offs. I am supporting Denmark now for the World Cup. I'm glad they got through.
  21. It's my friends 21rst birthday party and I have to go before 8. I want to see this match so much Hopefully Denmark and Sweeden will qualify although Hungary qualifying would be ace.
  22. Voting lasts 3 days, vote for the song you like the least. Hopefully Voyeur or Josie to go out in this round. Previous Losers: Round 1 - Boring Round 2 - Degenerate Round 3 - I'm Sorry Round 4 - Lemmings Round 5 - A New Hope Round 6 - Emo
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