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  1. Double post - I'm going there for a stag weekend soon, let me know what's good!
  2. I was in Leeds so didn't get to go to it, but Jussi kept you in that second half!! It's all down to Pochettino, the guy is world class. Not sure we'll keep it up all season mind. I'm a fan of Diame too actually - and Morrison is starting to look the real deal now he's getting his shit together
  3. Forster fully deserves a chance with England, especially given Hart's recent form - at the very least it should show him he needs to up his game. People are wary as he plays in the Scottish leagues but look how Wanyama has come in and been an absolute beast with Southampton (Had Fellaini in his pocket the other week, bossed the midfield against Liverpool, DM in a team with the 2nd best defensive record in Europe and if anyone saw us against Fulham... well, find me a more comprehensive victory this year!). England could also do worse than Clyne and Lallana (yes I'm biased), but given their form of late it couldn't hurt. Lallana has upped his game massively and with nobody holding down the left wing for England I'd love to see him get a shot. Rory, if Saints make it into Europe next year I'm taking you on tour with me! Haha
  4. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is too good. Wish we kept hold of him
  5. We haven't peaked, we had 13 players out injured. The other week we had one fit centreback, a left back playing CB/rightback, a CM playing right wing, 2 midfielders up top, a 3 game ban for Lambert.. Plus West Ham didn't score from open play in their last 2-3 games before Ipswich? (They were fair penalties, but still). And we're only 2 points behind a team that were favourites from the word go! Plus we had a good 2-3 month wobble with 13 injuries and it took you that long to overtake us. Being overly defensive aside, I still have the hammers down to win the league, a team packed full of prem quality, I'd be shocked if they didn't. And Ravel Morrison and Maynard are lethal. I have you and us to go up, Reading, Brum, Blackpool and Cardiff for the play offs
  6. Statistically Southampton are the best attacking team in the league - We've scored more goals than anyone else, and 3 of our strikers are in the top 5 scorers. We're on a massive wobble lately though, but Billy Sharp will give us a well needed boost! Admittedly though, Blackpool have a great team and I like Holloway, plus that Phillips lad is incredible.
  7. Sharp and Lambert is a scary front line for defenses! We've just signed a Japanese international forward too. Be gutted if we don't go up
  8. I'm a Southampton fan, you've been chasing us for a while, I miss that feeling We've just signed that fat lad from Sheffield Billy Sharp so watch your backs! haha. Whatever happens though the hammers will be going up
  9. Yeah my team are going through a bit of an injury crisis too, albeit not anywhere near the level of missing Nani, Cleverly and Rooney. Also I saw your post about the next Utd manager. Jose has said he's leaving Real at the end of the season..
  10. Pretty sure Welbeck, Smalling, Evra, Giggs, Valencia, Evans, Carrick, Park & Hernandez don't really count as the reserves.. Still, I'd have preferred United to win. Not that I can talk, I'm a Southampton fan and we drew with Millwall today
  11. So has anyone else listened to Shanes solo stuff? UK Tour is currently being sorted, I'm pretty excited!
  12. Markus

    Bon Iver

    He can charge so much for a ticket because people will pay it. £22 in the UK and the tour sold out almost straight away
  13. Markus

    Twin Atlantic

    "Free" by Twin Atlantic is in the top 3 albums out so far this year. See also: - The Wages of Fear by Tellison World Record by Lower Than Atlantis
  14. Dates soon, I don't want to post the ones I know before its announced/miss any dates out.. but this is definitely happening early 2011 Is anyone else as excited as I am that Rufio are back together?
  15. This band do what they do very well, and nobody can fault them for it
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