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  1. I'm not gonna be able to get it online today, or at least until tonight now. I did see a tweet that alledgedly someone else has got a rip already but I don't know if they're trying to charge people for it.
  2. Quality does no favours to the song obviously. There's another one that's more like Los Angeles kind of crossed with Sober
  3. Exactly what I thought! It reminded me of that and Flavour Of The Weak
  4. that crowd looks absolutely wank
  5. Doug just tweeted that they're playing an acoustic song 'from WAY back' tonight. Still holding out for Pathetic
  6. Yeah there was a huge break after Josie, then they started shouting that they were behind us. Then Travis played while they walked through the crowd around the arena to the front. Mark also had a seated area next to him on the stage with Skye, Jack and all of Jacks classmates there. He stole Toms sweets and gave to them. Tom was talking to individuals in the crowd too it was a really nice vibe. Oh they played Happy Holidays in the dark too. It was really promising for the rest of the tour
  7. There was loads of video. I got an HD one. I'm so happy they added a song even if it's just the one. Tom fucked up the lyrics though!
  8. Mark and Tom just appeared at the back of the arena and played Reckless Abandon 'acoustic' with no Travis then walked through the crowd to the stage. So rad
  9. technically this is the european leg of the tour that was running last year, and the first UK tour since 2004. So they're bound to play the greatest hits because the majority of people there won't have seen them in a long time. Most of the people I've seen that are going are teenagers who have never seen them at all. Still feels lazy. The best time I've seen them was Reading 2003 http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/blink182/2003/little-johns-farm-reading-england-33d67895.html such a healthy dose of Enema.
  10. I got one of the 182 Feeling This flags when they went on sale, and I'm selling it. Figured I'd offer it on here before putting it on eBay. If anyones interested just message me
  11. yeah definitely, because marshall asked ted if he had an umbrella didn't he? or did i totally imagine that? lol
  12. yeah i totally thought its barneys and robins wedding. especially when barney said that she looked hot earlier in the episode and i can't see who else ted would be best man for. but then i'm not sure why the mother would be at barney and robins wedding. i actually agree that season 5 wasn't very good, the first and second season were amazing, 3rd and 4th were still great. 5th went downhill, but that episode was really good! it's given me high hopes for season 6!
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