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  1. I really like it. Pleasantly surprised.
  2. Wasting Time Pathetic Dammit Josie Lemmings Dumpweed Every Time I Look For You What Went Wrong Feeling This Not Now Songs that were very hard to cut: The Party Song, Anthem, STFTK, GOTDF, Cynical
  3. Couldn't agree more. He was always my favorite growing up. It's hard to say that now. Having hung out with both him and Travis multiple times, Travis is cooler by miles. So genuine, kind, and engaged. Pretty regular guy for being a superstar drummer. Mark is nice and cordial, but he seems so disinterested with nearly everything. Doesn't seem genuine sadly. He always seems to be on his phone too. The setlist issue has always been Mark. It was Tom who wanted to do the Untitled shows and play the deeper cuts from what I've heard. Tom, for all his faults, was at least always unpredictable and willing to take risks. He made the shows fun in my opinion. And Travis is always down for anything. He would play any song thrown at him.
  4. I haven't been around the boards too much lately so apologies if this has already been posted, but blink will apparently be co-headlining a tour with Linkin Park this fall in the US. Not sure when tour dates will be announced but I have friends in both bands' camps who confirmed this to me over the weekend. I'm a big fan of both so I'd love this, definitely different bands genre-wise though.
  5. 1. Feeling This 2. Not Now 3. I Miss You 4. I'm Lost Without You 5. Stockholm Syndrome 6. Asthenia 7. Here's Your Letter 8. Obvious 9. Go 10. Violence 11. Easy Target 12. All Of This 13. Down 14. Always 15. The Fallen Interlude
  6. I grew up in Woodbridge right outside of New Haven. I live in Los Angeles now but try to get back east at least a couple times a year. Where abouts did you live in New Haven?
  7. Yeah if Skiba isn't a very talky person onstage that's fine, he shouldn't force it. It did feel natural and added to both Vegas shows is all I'm saying. I'm sure he'll have some nights where he's talkative and some nights where he's not.
  8. I will say something very different about the Vegas shows in July vs the Hartford show last night was the Mark-Skiba banter. In Vegas, they were both talking a lot and it was somewhat reminiscent of Mark and Tom banter. At the show last night, Skiba barely spoke. Sounds like that's how he's been at other recent shows based on posts here. Didn't really bother me but was quite a different vibe than the shows in Vegas a little over a month ago.
  9. Haha yeah there were only a handful of people going crazy for it. All I care about is that they played it and I was able to freak out! I thought the crowd was pretty awesome. At least compared to the west coast crowds where I've been living for the past 5 years. I was in the seats and everyone was having a great time. The lawn was fucking nuts, mosh pits everywhere.
  10. ^This. I've been home in CT visiting my family and decided to go to the show. So much fun. M+M's was epic, as was San Diego. East coast crowds are the fucking best.
  11. Sad to see this. Honestly, despite all Tom's flaws and issues that led to him not being in blink anymore, I do think there's truth to what he's said about he couldn't get invested in blink again without the friendships mended. I always got the vibe he really wanted to be tight with Mark again and Mark didn't really give it a chance from day one. Tom dug his own grave aside from that, but I always got the vibe Mark was the reason their friendship never healed.
  12. Pretty Little Girl. My favorite post reunion song followed very closely by When I Was Young.
  13. I honestly was annoyed that Mark would always cut Tom off post reunion. I thought his speeches/rants were hilarious and as someone who goes to a lot of blink shows, Tom always just says random shit he thinks of on the spot whereas a lot of the Mark banter is stuff he says every time (which feels forced and lame in my opinion). Tom's banter made each show memorable in its own right as it was the only part of the show that changed nightly aside from the city/crowd.
  14. They also promised one song not in the set to be played during soundcheck. Seems like a couple of these soundchecks that hasn't been the case so far. Sorta bullshit for the people forking over lots of money for a special experience.
  15. @Kevin. Even if they choose Sober for the next single, it doesn't mean they won't choose SOOHM for the third single. Whichever route they take, I think those are the two strongest choices. @ManchesterAdam Agreed that TOTTM is massively underrated. That song is awesome.
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