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  1. does tom have a cast on too?! yeah, probably travis and he got into a fight while recording the new record - thats why they both wear a cast i mean it's obviously not that easy to create a rock album together with three guy, one into pop-punk, one into hiphop and one into spacerock - there must be tensions ps: might be funny scenes at the studio.. travis: maaaaaaan, how 'bout my homeboy lil'wayne droppin some rhymes on our new blink record? tom: no. i just decided to ask bono to write it. how you like that? travis: well fuck you man! tom: wanna fight? . . . and here we ar
  2. you don't have to watch the stream. german tv-station pro7 (one of the biggest over here, so I'm sure you will find it wherever you are) is broadcasting it live, starting at 2am german time. just in case you didn't know
  3. sorry about that request thing in here once again. must have been around 2005 that I was here the last time, didn't know about the new rules. but adian - my one is only about 32mb, so maybe if you could upload your one for me and pm the link to me or something.. your one is definitely better then mine. thanks
  4. hey there, I just found out I am missing the not now video in high quality. I got all the other videos of them in dvd quality from the greatest hits dvd, but not now is like my favourite one which even contains material shot on a concert I was at - and I only have it as a poor mpeg file from irc or something. so if anyone did upload this one for me in dvd quality (maybe direct rip from us single - I only have the german single which doesn't contain the video..) I'd be very very happy. thanks in advance ps: shit, I just read the post saying no requests in here.. so fuck me lol. - b
  5. Hey there, I was searching for like 3 days now but couldn't find any worling link to download Meet the Barkers Season 1 and 2. When I searched this forum there were only posts like "tell him how to use torrents". I know how to use torrents but still I couldn't find links for more then 2 or 3 episodes of season one. Could someone pleaso tell me where I can download the full season 1 and 2? I have season 1 in poor quality and season 2 not at all..
  6. okay, thank you.. I'm gonna try this! But I'm still wondering what about the bRb-section on this page..
  7. Well... But this isn't the bRb-mIRC, you know? In the normal mIRC version you don't get an explorer windows to show the f-servers, and things like that. Anyone an idea where to get the real bRb-mIRC from? THX
  8. Hello everyone! I'm trying to download bRb-mIRC. So when I get on the mainpage and press the "blinkRebels Section" Button, there is a message that says "page was not found". Why that? Somthing wrong about blinkRebels? Greets
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