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  1. i saw that. absolutely unreal. and for those who havent seen it. here super punch out completely blindfolded >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSr3aXd4XuQ mike tysons punch out blindfolded up until tyson >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvzIb53Lcno this was one that was sooooo good too though. 4 way super metroid speed run. and the top 2 fastest finishers are literally a millisecond apart from finishing >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmfV8IhsHq0
  2. i've been watching "awesome games done quick" speed runs a lot. incredible gamers. and its just cool to see them do it all as a cancer research charity drive
  3. the first few albums of theirs really are awesome. although i dont really listen to NGCS.
  4. currently watching home alone 2. i personally like this one more than the 1st one.
  5. i had my fill of it for a little while. but if a song comes on during shuffle i'm likely to keep it on. but thats how i am with most music.
  6. whatever happens with an upcoming album, i hope they'd stay clear of labels that go nuts about copyrights on youtube content like covers and related stuff. like hopeless records. so many good bands are on there that i can't post covers of because of the label. its a little ridiculous. its seriously free publicity. blink is big enough to not even use a label anyway. they dont need exposure. just a good street team willing to post around about new happenings.
  7. i've been a very big supporter of NFG over the years but this newer album just didnt do the trick for me. it truly shocks me when people say its their best work. if you like it, thats fine with me. i've heard waaay worse. but so many of these songs are just boring to me. NFG were always a simple band but they were still unique. all of these songs sound like they could have been written by any band in the pop punk genre.
  8. sort of related. i guess. dave brownsound was who first introduced me to PRS guitars. he was always playing the mccarty. lovely looking guitar. always wanted to play one
  9. haha yeah like running man or total recall.
  10. i'm really glad its almost time for Shameless (US) to come back on. one of my favorites
  11. yeah hes definitely making more fun of the irate gamer. i used to actually dislike the AVGN and was a huge Irate gamer fan but that quickly flipped. avgns content is way better and he's not a total doofus like irate gamer. i guess i just liked the games irate gamer chose to talk about more at the time.
  12. @chickenonasticken that collection is awesome. i love the color combinations of them all. and that 335 is awesome. i REALLY wish mine was red. not a fan of the burst on mine but i really can't argue with a free gibson.
  13. yeah i actually really like kiss with a spell but more so because of the instrumental section than anything else. its totally 80s inspired. i love that synth sound. its just epic and i actually crave more music like that.
  14. i cant say i'm surprised to see so many people disliking this album. i really do enjoy it front to back which i was NOT prepared for. that being said, do i miss tom's guitar filled rock songs? of course. but i'll take this for what it is and roll with it. i say this a lot. i really wish people could judge new music solely based on what it is and not spend the whole time comparing it to the past. i feel like half of this thread is focused on tom's voice or lack there of. i dont have a problem with his vocals on this album at all. peoples voices change all the time. nothings going to make him sound like 2001 tom ever again. and i'm okay with that. maybe i'm not a mega tom/blink/ava fan like i used to be so i'm not so critical of the whole situation. i'm just happy its a departure from the last few albums (which i also enjoyed thoroughly).
  15. frankly i really really enjoyed my first listen. but then again, i'm a big fan of synthy 80s poppy stuff which i can hear a lot of in dream walker.
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