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  1. Bale to United would be Sanchez part two. If he's getting big injuries in La Liga then there's no way he's going to be able to handle the Premier League
  2. Not to that extent. We got to spend like that because we sold one of our best players and Robbed Barca. Coutinho payed for Virgil and Allison and then we payed peanuts for Fabinho, Shaquri and Robertson. We aren't breaking the bank for "Gal√°ctico" signings, everyone just fits in the system and believes in it
  3. I don't think Madrid is an exception at all, Manchester City was just as bad and Chelsea used to be the same way. Barcelona in the pep years used alot of academy talent though and honestly when they bought Suarez was when they started doing the same. Hell City does that and their fans think they are a big club trying to spark a fake rivalry with Liverpool. I'll never acknowledge that though.
  4. Madrid is the ultimate Daddy's girl club imo. Their fans are like Veruca Salt from Charlie in the Chocolate factory, the second they don't get their way all the fans throw fits and the owners throw money around on big names. Which to be fair is kind of what united has been doing just without the luck as of late. I'm not from England but I love the sport and I picked my team when they were in shambles and have continued to support them through paul konchesky, Joe Cole, Jay spearing jonjo shelv and Roy Hodgson and the only reason I even bring that up is to solidify that I'm not a glory Hunter because I had to wait over a decade to even taste real glory and I'm going to gag for saying this but I have complete respect for United as a club. They lost their identity when Fergie left but that old fuck was winning things left and right with what he had. Players like Chicharito, berbatov, scholes, Neville, weren't world beaters but they turned into them and got results consistently and even with your Rooney's and Ronaldo's they werent finished products when they started at that club. I'm not going to act like seeing them on a downward spiral doesn't amuse me to the fullest because for years i had to take shit from roux, Scott and even my United supporting friends here in the states and I hope that they suffer for years to come but the fact is United is a huge club and I don't see that happening for much longer. Long story short. In terms of how they came about their success I think United is a way bigger club Madrid in that aspect and if you throw enough money at something the way Madrid has you're going to eventually see a return on your investment which is why they are technically richer. Fuck both of those clubs though tbh, I'm going to go wash my mouth with bleach now.
  5. -Watches the drama eating popcorn out of the Champions League trophy-
  6. Keita is going to be a monster his potential is already showing, but for the grand point if he wasn't injured he would have started over wijnaldum I can guarantee it. I'm not Henderson's biggest fan but his influence is there. In our 2014 title chase as soon as he got a red card that's when it went to shit.
  7. I'm sorry, I'm wasted and I just watched my favorite team lift a trophy.
  8. We just won the Champions league wtf
  9. Anyone have a stream I could watch in the us?
  10. I forgot about that game, you're absolutely right. It sucks we dropped easy points.
  11. Congrats dude. It was a good race for sure. City are fucking unreal. The draws at Leicester and West Ham came back to haunt us.
  12. Im really not that upset, if we can manage to keep our best players and build on the squad then I think we could be contenders again. We just need players to unlock the park the bus teams that held us to some of those wasted points.
  13. 97 points and we come in second, unreal. Thank God we still have the Champions league as a potential consolation prize.
  14. All English European finals. Does that say more about the relative strength of the EPL or is it more that the typical powerhouse European teams are in decline? Either way it goes I have to root for Arsenal in the Europa league. They were always my lesser of two evils team when United were still on top and Liverpool had nothing to play for. Plus I fucking hate Chelsea.
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