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  1. Jan you’ve inspired me to read the books now. Just put them all on my kindle.
  2. Yeah it’s the opposite for me tbh. I’d prefer to watch it through and then look back. Don’t want other peoples opinions or judgements affect the way I’m going to be viewing future episodes. Once I’m done, if it’s a series I’ve really enjoyed, then I’ll jump down the rabbit hole and read peoples opinions. I can still remember how I felt when watching it etc so i can see if people’s reactions were the same. I actually enjoy the live discussion for shows with people watching it at the same time. Because none of us know where it’s going.
  3. I find it weird checking book/show differences while still watching the show. When you’ve finished everything sure, check out what was different. But doing it episode by episode or whatever would just be weird to me. I’d be also worried about potential spoilers too. Not a dig at ya Jan. You do whatever you want. Just sayin.
  4. Mate was so good. I actually stood up out of seat at that last shot at goal haha.
  5. Aussies having a decent crack at least. Let’s go!
  6. SRC vinyl did a couple of pressings of toypaj a few years back that came with the bonus tracks. That’s probably what your mate got.
  7. Yeah. Keep it within a goal or two and hopefully with us getting 1 on the board and I’ll be happy.
  8. Can’t believe I’m up this early on a Sunday to watch soccer. Hope the boys make a game out of it.
  9. You need to get outside and enjoy the world man.
  10. Apparently we got Argentina next game. We’ve got next to no chance right?
  11. Gf uses mine alot at home so my results are always skewed. Reckon Phoebe had a chance anyway though, been smashing that lately. tbis is the real shit though:
  12. Cheers legend! Can’t believe it’s finally coming home.
  13. I will now follow your World Cup. When do we find out who plays who in the top 16?
  14. They’re clearly working on it all the time. Just chill.
  15. Yes but Coightposting has increased 200% which is the best possible outcome for everybody.
  16. I think his age finally caught up to him and he has retired to a nice quiet place to live out his last few years.
  17. You keep this up and you will not escape my wrath either.
  18. I will ban you. Laura said I could.
  19. 10 million sales in 3 days. Biggest switch launch ever. Gamefreak ain’t gonna change a thing.
  20. Yep there’s no need for the annual release schedule. Or at least outsource games and let gamefreak focus on the core series every 2-3 years. Honestly outside of some pretty heavy frame drops the game has run perfectly fine for me. Put 50 hours in and finished it the other night. Zero crashes. Zero weird bugs/glitches. I’ve seen everything on Twitter etc and I haven’t had any of that happen. I have made the habit of closing the software and restarting my switch when I’m done every night. Apparently it’s a memory leak problem and that fixes that. Honestly it’s the best Pokémon game they’ve made in years. If they can fix up the frame issues etc it deserves to be pretty highly praised.
  21. I’ve only ever played Skyrim but I enjoyed that a lot. Is the gameplay similar across all the games?
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