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  1. all the VIP packages say you get early entry to the venue though so maybe after you watch soundcheck you get in a separate line to get in earlier from general admission
  2. i think there are still blink fans out there who are grown ass adults who still wear these clothes and don't do it as a joke. it's kind of sad
  3. http://fukubox.com/collections/featured/products/blink-182-mens-fukubox yay more shit to buy
  4. rehashed holiday themed merch up. the dead horse just keeps spitting out money
  5. haha this was from their show in milwaukee. tom also gave away a guitar at this show. twas an epic night
  6. david kennedy no longer in angels and airwaves? RIP in peace ava
  7. didn't mark also sell original paintings he did? like, actual paintings? not this print bs
  8. holy shit that's really good. info on the frames?
  10. can anyone post screenshots of everything that's on tom's reissued app? i wanna see all the ridiculous things he has on there
  11. reissued app is iphone only? laaaame what about us poor people with android
  12. lol i only posted the pic cuz dude was trying to say it was just the "angle" that only makes it look like he's missing teeth. obv something happened.
  13. lol no kidding. and what kind of grown man's teeth "grow weird" in a year. y'all are delusional haha
  14. yeah wtf he clearly has missing teeth, he never had that gap before
  15. i would if shipping didn't cost more than the ornaments themselves...
  16. convenient how they released the poster and holiday sweater a day after the blackfriday 30% promo code ended. freaking bompa
  17. lame i just ordered a buttload of blink stuff before they added the socks and now i can't get free shipping /firstworldproblems
  18. agreed. wish there were more videos like that. and did no one take video of the qna session? it'd be cool to see that as well
  19. can you upload the not now video with the not now live audio?
  20. all those songs are widely available online
  21. man, you can REALLY hear the studio backing in this vid!
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