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  1. I hate this place. Documentary was really good . He was honest and detailed. Get to hear intimate details about how a few songs were made . So awesome to hear his side of things instead of just shitty AP articles . I guess I'm a Tom bot . Haters gonna hate but the dude is interesting .
  2. Dude this album has great songs . It was hard to pick
  3. They played in for sound check in Dallas and in the setlist
  4. Was in the pit last night it was awesome ! Unable to upload pics or video because it's saying they are too big to share
  5. This whole album is LIFE. Grew up to this album .
  6. My tickets say 7pm for the Dallas show. What time will gates open? Should I call the pavilion to find that out?
  7. I'm proud that on every song poll the song that is my favorite isnt many others favorite . MUTT for the win
  8. Going to be in the pit in Dallas on the 29th. Anybody going too?
  9. I'll be in the pit July 29th in Dallas!!! Can't wait!
  10. Teenage satellites is actually one of my favorites on the album. I love the lyrics
  11. I would do just about anything for Flyswatter .
  12. Yes I have all the albums plus a few cool singles. I lurk eBay but there are a few blink forums with threads related to collecting and trading
  13. A new hope has always been my favorite. This album has so many good songs. They hit the nail on the head with this album. 10 out of 10
  14. When mark stops playing and runs around on stage then picks his guitar back up and kept playing....... So funny!!! Hahahaha
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