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Found 14 results

  1. Over the past several years, I have been compiling authentic exemplars, and working hard to put them within a specific date range. This gives us a nice way of seeing how the band's signatures have looked/evolved over time. It's also incredibly interesting to me, which is why I enjoy putting these things together. I have studied and collected autographs for over a decade, and with Blink being my favorite band I thought there needed to be some sort of topic on this, for current collectors, future collectors, and just basic historical documentation. If you have anything signed by anyone in the band, please post it, along with the date if possible. If you got it signed personally, a description of the scene is beneficial. (i.e. VIP experience, rushed crowd, sitting at a table signing, etc.) My primary focus is going to be Mark, Tom, and Travis. There will also be examples from original drummer Scott Raynor, and current guitarist Matt Skiba. Let's start with Tom. (For each of the members of the band I have put together a giant compilation of authentic signatures, accompanied by the year.) Tom has gone through several different signature styles. For most of the earlier years he would sign "Tom Blink", Usually you can just make out the "T" and the "B" as it is quite sloppy, but he consistently signed this way from 1996-2002ish. Here is a nicer example of this: Here is an example @daveyjones provided from May, 1996: Around 2002-2003 we start seeing different signature styles from Tom. Some that resemble "TD" (which will eventually become his main signature), some as crazy as drawing "tom" out of dicks: Around 2006, when "Angels & Airwaves" was formed, Tom decided to shorten his sig. The result was a "T". What a great autograph! LOL. Here is an example of a 2006 Tom autograph, on a "We Don't Need To Whisper" pre-ordered CD: Thankfully this didn't last too long, and shortly after we started seeing his "TD" signature. There are a few variations of this "TD", including "TD AVA", "TD 182". Here are some nice 2011 autographs: It stays this way, until 2013 when we see a new variation appear. This one I simply call the "Tom Doodle", in which case he writes TOM, and then creates a little stick figure in the middle, it's very cool: Currently, Tom signs with the "TD" as well as the "Tom Doodle". He is very aware of the item being signed, if it is a Blink cd, he often will write "TD 182", sometimes he will date items, ex: "TD 2017". His new company is "To The Stars", sometimes he will add that as a line to his signature. He has released several books, and has had quite a few book signings. At the signings people get the simple "TD" autograph, but if you order a personalized copy from the website, you might get the full out "Tom Doodle": Another funny thing about Tom, is that sometimes when he is signing a picture of himself, he likes to draw on himself. Here are a few funny examples: Here is the full compilation I created for Tom (click to enlarge), the dates are below the pictures. Once again, if you have any signed items I would love to see them: Next let's talk about Mark Hoppus. Mark's autograph has been fairly consistent throughout the years, although he did go through a very odd signature faze around 2001. From the early days of Blink all the way through 2001-ish, Mark would simply write "Mark Hoppus", "Mark", or "Mark 182". Here is an example from 1995 that @daveyjones provided, Davey said Mark signed "Mark Hoppus" consistently through spring of 1996, before switching to "Mark 182". Here is a nice prime "Mark 182" example from 1999: Suddenly around 2001 we start seeing this super weird signature from Mark that looks nothing like his previous (or current) signature. It's a weird "MH" with a "star" and "182" underneath it. Here is an example of it: I would love to ask him why the sudden change! (Update: Mark replied to me on Instagram when I asked about this. He said "Not really sure, just trying something different I guess.") Regardless, it didn't last long. By the end of 2003 he was back to his old signature style, this time adding "Hoppus" to the end regularly (instead of "Mark 182"). Ever since the revert back to his "normal" signature, it has stayed pretty consistent from 2003 to present time. Here is a 2006 signature of Mark's: And here is a 2015 Signature: Sometimes Mark will add "blink-182" (always a lower case “b”!) to his signature as seen above, other times he will write the year, but most of the time it's just "Mark Hoppus". Here is the compilation of Mark's signatures I put together: Last we have Travis Barker. Travis joined Blink-182 towards the end of 1998, and in 1999 became their full-time drummer. Travis has a few variations of his autograph, but for the most part he has always just written: "travis". Here is an awesome signature from 1999: Eventually he made it slightly cooler, it flowed much more quickly, there were capital letters added, and the "S" at the end became a "$" sign, here's a nice sig later in 1999: From 2000-2001, (likely due to having to sign so much IMO), Travis developed a "short sig", which essentially is "t-----". Here are a few examples from 2000-2001: In 2002 he resorts back to his "tRAVi$" sig as seen here: Around 2003, he starts putting the "R" backwards, (his signature is basically the same as this today): Around 2011-2012 he went back to the "short sig" for some reason, here are a few examples: BUT, from 2013 to currently, he's back to normal long "travi$" signature (Note: Most of the time, I HAVE seen him do the short sig on the recent California 2017 tour posters). Here's a 2015 signature: Here is the timeline I put together for Travis: Here are some AUTHENTIC examples of Blink albums, signed in their correct time period (i.e. not a Cheshire Cat album someone got signed last week): (Scott Raynor instead of Travis) (Scott Raynor instead of Travis) (Travis missing) (TOYPAJ is often signed on the back, due to the black front cover. To this day I still see them sign the back sometimes) (Skiba instead of Tom) (Skiba instead of Tom) Here are some AUTHENTIC items signed by Mark/Tom/Travis throughout the years: 1999 Promo: 2002 TOYPAJ Promo (Notice Mark has switched to MHSTAR sig) 2002 Xbox signed by Blink/Green Day. You can actually see them sign these here, and Mark makes fun of Tom's horrible signature: https://youtu.be/gQXAu-UsIM4?t=10m41s 2013 Untitled Reunion Show Poster. (Given to VIPs): 2013 Setlist (Tom Doodle): Here are some AUTHENTIC "Angels and Airwaves" and "+44" items signed in their correct time period: 2006 WDNTW: (Ryan Sinn) 2007 i-Empire: (Matt Wachter replaced Ryan Sinn) 2010 LOVE: 2011 Love 2: (Atom had left, these are often signed by Ilan as he toured the album) 2006 Cliff Diving 7": +44 Album + promo poster: Another +44 album, this one signed on the inside cover. A lot of +44 albums are signed on the inside, sometimes a few band members would sign the front, some the inside, some the cd, etc. It's random! Mark added "+44" inscription on some which I enjoy: In regards to Boxcar Racer, I have NEVER seen one signed album sleeve that was signed in 2002 by the band. (Update: I have now seen 2!!!) Recently Tom has re-issued the album on vinyl, and had signed copies on his website so you may see some of those. But a signed BCR cd would be extremely rare, and especially if it was signed by the full band back in the day. Here a few BCR items that are authentic from that time period, Travis had a short "T$" signature briefly: (Travis signed this twice) As noted above, it took several years for me to even see ONE full band signed BCR cd from 2002. Here is an amazing example: Here is what the 2017 Vinyl signed by Tom will look like: Here is a CD signed in 2017: Here is a vinyl signed in 2019: Now that we've gone through Tom, Mark, and Travis's autographs, I want to mention a few important things as well as exhibit some forgeries: *Fully signed Blink CDs/vinyl/photos are pretty rare--photos especially. Most of the authentic photos you will see signed are specific promo photos that were handed out, or for contest winners,etc. *If you are looking for something signed by Tom/Mark/Travis your best bet is the 2012, 2013, 2014 X-mas Posters, these are usually affordable and if you don't like the "Xmas theme", simply cut off the autographs at the bottom and matte them with your favorite picture of Blink. (see example of mine below). Your next best option is the 2013 Untitled posters that pop up somewhat often. Here is a 2012 X-mas poster I had, where I cut off the autographs at the bottom, and used them to make a cool display that wasn't X-mas themed: *If you are looking for something signed by Travis/Mark/Skiba, your best bet is the California cds/vinyl/drumheads sold during California pre-orders. *The band hardly ever "hung out" publicly, so it's not like you were going to walk into a restaurant and see all 3 sitting there and have them sign something. Backstage passes at a show, or some sort of promo were about your only shot at getting all 3 at once. (Travis says in his book that after his plane crash/recovery him and Tom went to lunch and Tom said "This is the first time we've done this...") *Keep in mind, vinyl did not make its comeback until the last few years...so be very cautious if you see full band "signed" vinyl, as most those albums were not even released on vinyl until well after blink had broken up! *Out of the 3, Travis signs the most. *Tom is a very hard signature to obtain "in-person", unless you attend a book signing at To The Stars. Even recent AVA VIP does not guarantee an autograph. *Mark signs a few here and there, and seems willing if you catch him, but overall is a fairly rare signature. *All 3 have their own companies (Famous Stars & Straps, To The Stars, HMNIM), occasionally you can get signed stuff directly from these places. (Tom/Travis usually have signed books for sale.) *Travis DOES NOT FLY, he does take the Queen Elizabeth to the UK occasionally for a tour, but if you see "signed" stuff for sale from Switzerland/Australia/etc. be incredibly skeptical! *Even VIPs to their shows are typically not allowed to ask for autographs, so again, it is very tough unfortunately. Now onto the FORGERIES. There are thousands of forgeries sold on eBay every single day. Some basic rules of thumb for buying autographs online in general: * If it seems too good to be true, it is *ANYONE can create a bogus "COA" *"Proof Pix" usually don't prove ANYTHING *Always pay attention to the SIGNATURES, not the paperwork that comes with them I have seen all types of Blink fakes, ranging from flatout laughable, to halfway decent attempts. One of the ways scammers like to make a quick buck, is to grab all their old CDs, scribble on them, and list them as being "signed", so be incredibly weary of signed cheap CDs. Here are examples of people who scribbled on their "Enema of The State" cds and sold them on eBay: With forgeries in general, you can tell when something is "unnatural" for the forger. Typically it results in a very slow (and thick as a result) signature, often shaky, and just malformed. Here is an example of a Tom Delonge Forgery (and all of AVA) that is just awful and malformed. You can see how "shaky" it is (because it is not a natural motion for the forger): Here are a few more AVA WDNTW forgeries, I confirmed these with both Atom/Ryan Sinn: Here is a 100% forgery "certified" by Global Authentics (who routinely "certifies" nothing but awful Blink fakes): Here is a fake Neighborhoods cd: Be incredibly cautious of guitars/instruments signed by "the band". Folks it's very hard to run into these people, much less all 3, oh and you just *happen* to be carrying around a giant brand new guitar, pick guard, or drumhead. Most authentic guitars I've seen were radio station giveaways, or some sort of promo. Here are forgeries on a guitar: Here are some recently discovered "concert poster" forgeries that you need to be highly cautious of if you see this style: My hope is that you find this post beneficial, or at least somewhat interesting. If anyone has any examples to share, I would love to see them. If anyone has any questions please let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully this will be a good reference point for current/future Blink collectors!
  2. This one kinda interested me for some time. It's weird that these were made as singles, and then Josie came after, which was more successful. So then I thought, What song(s) had higher chances of being a Good single for DR, and Perhaps, made for a great music Video? I asked this in General Discussion, but then I thought it might've been Better off as it's own Topic. Idk, Something fun to think about.
  3. Hi peeps, i made a blink 182 discord a while back. It's pretty active. You can talk about anything related to blink 182 here. https://discord.gg/BSm6MNr
  4. No idea where this came from just saw it on reddit. Sounds pretty good and has Mark/Skiba on vox. I can’t get the full song from that link but the preview is working atm
  5. Hey guys, check out my acoustic cover of 'Dammit' and let me know what ya think! Cheers.
  6. Watched this video and it made me think about which band has made the bigger cultural impact? 🤔 Green Day bit starts at 23:00
  7. I will use this thread to share any news on the next album. If you come across any new info, post below and I'll keep a running tab in the OP. Please try to stay somewhat on topic, you can discuss your hatred of Feldmann here , Matt here , and Tom here. 3/8/2018: Musink Article: Travis: "Now we’re playing a couple shows this year, there will be more announced right after MUSINK and then we’ll be right back in the studio recording again. I can’t wait!" 3/18/2018: Musink Interview Travis: "With California I felt like it was giving everyone what they expect from a new Blink album, and with the next one I feel like we can experiment again" 4/20/2018: Mark posts a photo of Trav playing drums in his Instagram story with the caption "New Blink-182 Songs Day One". Robert (bass tech) posts photos with the hashtag #NewMusic 5/3/2018: Mark is in the studio , photo by Robert (bass tech) 5/7/2018: Mark tweets that the new blink-182 songs sound like they pick up where TOYPAJ left off. Feldy posts this picture, Robert posts this picture from today's long session. 5/10/2018: Travis posts a picture in his Instagram story listening to new Blink and tags Feldmann. 5/15/2018: Feldy posts a picture of Skiba in the studio, and another later that day. Matt posts this on Instagram, recording vocals. 5/15/2018: KROQ interview at Weenie Roast. Mark "We’re very early in the process, it’s a little darker, little heavier. Sounds like the Untitled record, but that’s kinda what we want anyway." 5/18/2018: Vegas Residency interview. Mark mentions lack of tour dates this year and focusing on writing new material. Also mentions they may use the Palms studio to record stuff while the residency is happening. 5/31/2018: Feldmann posts picture in his IG story of Mark in the studio. 6/1/2018: Feldmann posts picture in his IG story of Matt in the studio. 6/11/2018: Mark KROQ interview in Vegas, "We are well into the writing of the beginning of the next record. Still feels like where TOYPAJ left off, but that might change." 6/20/2018: Mark Rocksound interview "It's still in the writing stage, so it will probably change over time but right now it's really aggressive and really catchy and dark and weird. If you take 'California' and compare it to 'Enema Of The State', I would say that what we're writing now is more in line with 'Take Off Your Pants And Jacket' and the 'Untitled' record." 7/10/2018: Mark posts this picture on his IG Story with Trav/Feldy in the studio. (Trav is currently not able to drum, perhaps they are listening to new song mixes.) 7/14/2018: Matt is in the studio laying down vocals 7/16/2018: Mark is in the studio 8/24/2018: Matt tells me that current Blink is on hold due to Trav's issues/Alk3 tour. 9/7/2018: Matt gives an update in a Alkaline Trio article "We've been working in the studio. What is going to happen is sort of up for grabs -- yet to be determined. " 9/25/2018: Mark is in the studio and even locked himself in the bathroom 9/26/2018: Mark is laying down vocals in the studio! 9/27/2018: Mark tweets from Trav's account, then tweets again that Feldmann is making him sings Whoas/Nahs. Feldy posts a pic of him and Matt in the studio! 10/1/2018: Mark posts this on Instagram, this in his IG Story. Feldmann posts a picture of Travis in his IG story. 10/2/2018: Mark was apparently in the studio, but got sick and had to leave 10/9/2018: Mark is tracking vocals 10/10/2018: Mark is tracking vocals in what appears to be a new studio, Feldy posts a picture of Mark writing 10/15/2018: Feldy posts what is the first sign of Trav playing drums in over 4 months 10/16/2018: Mark's bass tech posts a picture hinting at donuts in the studio that day 10/18/2018: Mark is in the studio after rehearsal 10/30/2018: Mark is in the studio 10/31/2018: Feldy & Mark are in the studio 11/1/2018: Mark is in the studio 11/14/2018: Mark, Matt, and Feldy are in the studio , Feldy added pictures of donuts, and Matt. 11/18/2018: After the Vegas shows are complete, Mark posts "Now come home to finish recording the new blink-182 album." 11/20/2018: Feldy posts this of Trav playing drums , later Trav posts this saying "Recording X-mas music"...hmmm. [Note: This ended up being the Goldfinger X-Mas EP] 11/22/2018: Feldy posts 2 pictures of Trav in the studio, and adds an X-mas tree in one... hmmm. [Note: This ended up being the Goldfinger X-Mas EP] 11/28/2018: Feldy posts another picture of Trav laying down drums 11/29/2018: Feldy posts a picture of Matt and Trav at the studio. (Mark is sick) 12/3/2018: The whole band is in the studio, hard at work! Mark posts some lyrics 12/4/2018: The band is working at Andrew Watt's house, Matt suggested it was Charlie Chaplain's old house? 12/6/2019: The band is working with Andrew Watt, Feldy, and Ali Tamposi 12/10/2018: Mark & Feldy are at the studio today working. Andrew Watt is there. 12/12/2018: Mark & Feldy are in the studio, Watt's singing, Mark's on a bean bag, Matt's pulling double duty with Alk3, and apparently they did 3 songs. 12/17/2018: Trav is laying down drums at Foxy Studio, Feldy posts this 12/18/2018: Daniel (drum tech) posts a photo of Trav's drums 12/21/2018: Robert (bass tech) posts a few pictures in the studio 1/5/2019: At an Alkaline Trio acoustic radio appearance, Matt confirms (~28 minute mark) they are working on the record. Dan mentions he has heard some of the new stuff, saying "You'll need to change the name of the band. It's like black metal" 1/7/2019: Mark is in the studio, and made fun of the Whoa/Nas with Feldy 1/14/2019: Mark is in the studio today, Matt was in later 1/15/2019: Mark & Matt are in the studio hard at play 1/17/2019: We got what could be the first clip of new Blink, in the background of a Feldy IG story 1/24/2019: Blink is in the studio with "Captain Cuts". Side Note: Mark releases the first single for his side band, "Simple Creatures", EP1 coming in March. 1/25/2019: Mark is doing an interview to promote his new band and mentions that Blink is still priority, and that the Simple Creatures EP2 will depend on when Blink's new album is released which could be: Spring, Summer, Fall... 1/28/2019: Mark and Travis were in the studio 1/30/2019: New Kerrang article, Mark mentions Blink going back to the 2003 Untitled sound "I want to push it and do different things and take blink to places where we haven’t been before", and that Blink is priority. 1/31/2019: Mark is in the studio 2/6/2019: Matt is in the studio with Travis who is laying down drums 2/7/2019: Trav is laying down drums 2/9/2019: Trav is laying down more drums 2/20/2019: In a Billboard interview, Travis says the album is 70% done with an April-June ETA. Also mentions the lead single they like is referred to as "Paris". 2/27/2019: Mark is in the studio today 3/4/2019: All 3 were in this "special" studio yesterday 3/6/2019: All 3 are still at this special studio, which appears to be "Henson" studios, and working with Pharrell. 3/11/2019: During a Musink interview, Trav says the album will definitely be out before the Warped Tour (June 8th)!!! He also says the album is about 80% done 3/13/2019: Blink appears in the studio with songwriting duo "The Futuristics" 3/14/2019: Trav replies to a question on Instagram saying new Blink is coming "very soon" , Blink is also in the studio with The Futuristics again 3/15/2019: In an interview with the Australian Media, Mark confirms an "early summer" release 3/19/2019: During a quick Twitter AMA, Mark says the new album is "well underway, we're moving onto mixing soon." 3/25/2019: In an interview, Mark says "It's very different than California. It's darker, more aggressive." 3/26/2019: During Mark's Princeton Q/A, he says the goal was to have the album out before a summer tour. But they are booking the tour, and the album isn't done yet... so "We will see what happens" 3/27/2019: Travis is laying down drums at Feldys 4/5/2019: In a Simple Creatures interview in London, Mark mentions Blink is "Still writing songs, but we're in the mixing stage. New album this summer" 4/10/2019: The band is all working together with Matt Malpass 4/11/2019: Still in the studio, Mark posts a lyric sheet and is recording vocals 4/15/2019: Feldy is at Matt Malpass' studio. Mark says in an Instagram Live video this is potentially the last week of recording before they go on to mixing. Also says it sounds "nothing like California". In an ABC Radio interview, Mark confirms a summer release saying: "We want to go out on tour, we have shows lining up," Hoppus says. "We are ready to start that whole cycle again." 4/16/2019: Mark was in the studio all day, Trav posts what appears to be a brief snippet of new Blink 4/17/2019: Trav is laying down some of the "final tracks for the new Blink album" , later Travis posts an IG Story screenshot of a Blink song he is listening to which appears to be named "Uzi Dreaming 4.0 Conway" 4/22/2019: On an IG live video, Mark says they do not have a title yet, album isn't done but is close, and that they are shooting for 10 songs. 5/1/2019: A Reddit user claims the lead single is in industry hands and expected to release pretty soon. Also Mark is back in the studio with Simple Creatures which may mean the Blink album is finished. 5/2/2019: Trav replies to a tweet saying the new Blink single is coming "sooner than you think", Trav is also laying down drums so it appears the album isn't totally finished just yet. 5/3/2019: Trav is still laying down drums 5/5/2019: Per Feldy's IG, Trav is still laying down drums 5/6/2019: Blink appears to be on the verge of announcing a tour with Lil Wayne, also the website has been updated... the single title is released here, we're getting close! 5/7/2019: Mark confirms on IG live that the new album is not finished yet. 5/8/2019: The first single "Blame It On My Youth" is released. Trav says on Kevin & Bean the new album is coming "Sooo soon." and that his dear friend is working on the album art. 5/11/2019: Feldy posts a picture of Mark with Ali Tamposi (songwriter) and tags Blink-182. It's unclear if they are working on a new song, or hopefully just listening to final mixes. 5/16/2019: In a podcast interview with Blink-155 Mark says they think they are done writing, mostly mixing and mastering. Still don't know the album title or the tracklist. 5/21/2019: Mark confirms no NANANANAs on the new album! 5/23/2019: In a Q/A on Blink's twitter, Mark says one of these three are done (tracklist, title, cover art) - he confirmed it's not the tracklist, I suspect it is the covert art given Trav mentioned one of his fav artists was working on it 5/29/2019: Mark confirms no June release, says he's texting with Matt/Trav to discuss album art/title, says there will be a solo Mark or Skiba song on the new album! 6/1/2019: In a live Q/A on Blink's IG, Mark says half the album is mastered, still mixing the rest. Still no title. 6/2/2019: On FYE's website, it shows Blink's next album coming on 6/21 (though Mark just said last week it wasn't coming in June, so this is likely incorrect now). Mark addresses it on Twitter saying "It's obviously not our band, as it has a capital B and no dash." 6/9/2019: A Reddit user claims the next single will be called "Happy Days". Mark's Simple Creatures project is releasing a new single on Thursday, which likely rules out any new blink stuff for a few weeks. 6/10/2019: In a Twitter Q/A Mark says there are "no joke songs on the album at this time", he also likes a tweet when someone asks about "Happy Days", which suggests it is indeed the next single. 6/11/2019: In a KROQ interview announcing the LA "secret show", Mark says: "We started working on this album about a year ago, but we keep writing better and better songs, so keep adding songs to the record, and being pushed back, but just a couple months." As a "secret producer" Mark calls some fan accounts, Blink182Italia got a call and asked Mark a few questions, Mark said the new album is experimental, aiming for late summer release (July/August) 6/12/2019: In an interview with 98.7 Mark/Trav mention that "at least 2 more songs will be out before we go out on tour", alluded that a DLX album may be possible down the road, and mentioned that they really turned a corner 5 months ago when the first material wasn't what they wanted to do for this album. "We didn't want to repeat ourselves." 6/15/2019: At Download Fest during a Simple Creatures interview, Mark mentions SC EP2 is coming out September 13th, and that "new blink will be out before that." 6/17/2019: The band is shooting the video for "GD" ("Generational Divide" we can derive based on Mark's tweet a few weeks ago saying this unknown song was the one he looked forward to playing the most this summer) 6/18/2019: Leaked artwork appears to be for the new song "Generational Divide", blink's IG also drops a hint that the new song will drop on Friday. 6/19/2019: blink announces "Generational Divide" will release on Friday, along with a snippet! 6/20/2019: "Generational Divide" leaks and is only 49 seconds long... 6/21/2019: "Generational Divide" is officially released, along with a music video. Mark also answers a question on twitter, saying who mixed the album (past tense, meaning it's done!!) 6/25/2019: In an interview with ET (dated 6/19), Trav say: "We were just finishing up our next album, which is almost completely done now" 7/1/2019: The third single "Happy Days" is released, they announce via email that the new album will be out in September!!! In an interview with Radio1045, Mark confirms the album will have 15 songs. 7/3/2019: At Indy soundcheck, Mark says they have the album title and it is NOT "BOJMIR/Perfect Nuts/Beautiful Destruction". He also says the artwork is dope and indeed done by Trav's friend. 7/18/2019: blink Instagram posts a countdown saying "NINE" that ends on Friday July 26th at 9am PT. Possible album name? 7/19/2019: On Good Morning America, Mark announces that the album will be released on September 20th! 7/21/2019: Mark says sequence, track list, mastering are DONE. Finalizing track list 7/23/2019: Darkside teaser released via text. Comes out Friday 7/25/2019: Darkside leaks, album artwork and title are officially revealed. 7/26/2019: Pre-orders go live at midnight, including a few bundles on blink182merch.com 8/1/2019: Vinyl test presses are being made! 8/8/2019: Japanese bonus track confirmed. 8/14/2019: A pink vinyl and a few more bundles go live on blink182merch.com, also Mark says in an IG live that the band is filming a video for "Darkside" today. Skiba posts a picture from the video shoot. 8/20/2019: A throwaway Reddit account says "No Heart To Speak Of" will be the 4th and final release on August 30th 8/26/2019: The first review of NINE is posted, saying it is "harder, faster, louder than California" and "defiantly blink". 8/27/2019: The Darkside video is teased as releasing tomorrow 9/4/2019: Kerrang review comes out, giving the album 4/5 stars 9/6/2019: "I Really Wish I Hated You" is officially released 9/11/2019: NINE leaks 9/17/2019: NINE pre-orders begin arriving, final vinyl variant is released on blink182merch.com
  8. I'm a baseball nerd so I decided to try and combine two of my favorite things in the world: Baseball Cards & Blink-182. I decided to try and make a "set" for each studio album, as if they were released during that time period. (To the best of my ability, it's actually quite hard to find decent quality pictures from back in the day.) So here they are, I haven't made the backs yet but was so excited I had to share these. Once the backs are done I will have them printed like real "cards" and hopefully can get them signed some day. Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos/trademarks/etc. These are merely for personal non-commercial use. Sorry for the watermark, but I'll be sad if someone prints them before I can lol. Enjoy. (You should be able to click this and make it larger). I have plans for some "variants" once I get around to it. Edit: Made some variants:
  9. Hey Guys, Don't know if my video was posted on here already, but here is the full 7pm show from London last week!
  10. My friend Martin has posted an article on the Enema of the state.This weekend as we know will be the 15th anniversary of its release. What do you think of his review and 'Did you know' information on the article? - I am sure many will agree and disagree, feel free to share your thoughts below! If linking to the article isn't allowed, please remove it and I will just copy and paste it without the images. The article can be found here: http://www.rockindustry.co.uk/blink-182-enema-state-15-year-anniversary-retrospective/
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