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Found 13 results

  1. Over the past several years, I have been compiling authentic exemplars, and working hard to put them within a specific date range. This gives us a nice way of seeing how the band's signatures have looked/evolved over time. It's also incredibly interesting to me, which is why I enjoy putting these things together. I have studied and collected autographs for over a decade, and with Blink being my favorite band I thought there needed to be some sort of topic on this, for current collectors, future collectors, and just basic historical documentation. If you have anything signed by anyone in t
  2. Hi peeps, i made a blink 182 discord a while back. It's pretty active. You can talk about anything related to blink 182 here. https://discord.gg/BSm6MNr
  3. No idea where this came from just saw it on reddit. Sounds pretty good and has Mark/Skiba on vox. I can’t get the full song from that link but the preview is working atm
  4. Hey guys, check out my acoustic cover of 'Dammit' and let me know what ya think! Cheers.
  5. Watched this video and it made me think about which band has made the bigger cultural impact? 🤔 Green Day bit starts at 23:00
  6. I will use this thread to share any news on the next album. If you come across any new info, post below and I'll keep a running tab in the OP. Please try to stay somewhat on topic, you can discuss your hatred of Feldmann here , Matt here , and Tom here. 3/8/2018: Musink Article: Travis: "Now we’re playing a couple shows this year, there will be more announced right after MUSINK and then we’ll be right back in the studio recording again. I can’t wait!" 3/18/2018: Musink Interview Travis: "With California I felt like it was giving everyone what they expect from a new Blink a
  7. I'm a baseball nerd so I decided to try and combine two of my favorite things in the world: Baseball Cards & Blink-182. I decided to try and make a "set" for each studio album, as if they were released during that time period. (To the best of my ability, it's actually quite hard to find decent quality pictures from back in the day.) So here they are, I haven't made the backs yet but was so excited I had to share these. Once the backs are done I will have them printed like real "cards" and hopefully can get them signed some day. Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos
  8. Hey Guys, Don't know if my video was posted on here already, but here is the full 7pm show from London last week!
  9. My friend Martin has posted an article on the Enema of the state.This weekend as we know will be the 15th anniversary of its release. What do you think of his review and 'Did you know' information on the article? - I am sure many will agree and disagree, feel free to share your thoughts below! If linking to the article isn't allowed, please remove it and I will just copy and paste it without the images. The article can be found here: http://www.rockindustry.co.uk/blink-182-enema-state-15-year-anniversary-retrospective/
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