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does anyone know if there is a bass out there like the hoppus but with some different things..

Jazzbase body

jazz neck

pbass quarterpound pickups

tone and volume knob?

Or would this be a custom job?

I really love the pbass sound, especially quart pounders, and love the llok of th j bass, but i find it more comfertable playing a jazz neck.

But i dont like the fact that th epbass is neck heavy, i like the way the Jbass just rest their without falling forwards, and I dislike the fact the hoppus bass doesnt have tone knob...

so yeh, would a be able to buy this or is it a custom hjob, if its custom job i best forgetr about it cus itll be way out of my league :(

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Yeh i didnt think of that. Is there a squire version of the hoppus bass? CUs if there is i might aswell buy that and just rewire it.

nope theres no squier version of his bass...but u cud probably find a used fender hoppus

i think the widths of the neck are different with the jazz bass having a smaller neck so if you were to take a hoppus bass and put on a jazz neck' date=' you'd have some open space around the neck and the body[/quote']

yep, you would have to fill the open space with something...if u got it professionally done they would cut would and paint them to match ur bass..but it wud still be noticable, unless u got a whole paintjob on the bass itself.

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Guest iameric

hmm, i'm guessing there's a chance it would be.

do they make american p-bass specials? cuz that bass sounds like an awesome idea, but i'd want an american once since they play so much nicer. but then again, if you're neck swapping and pickup swapping, it should still sound pretty bad ass no matter what

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unless u find an p/j combined bass...that has those features' date=' ur looking at a custom job.[/quote']

i said the p/j combination was ur best bet from the beginning...unless u wanna spend a shit load...

but yea, u cud probably find a combination with a jazz neck and jazz body...but iunno, get searchin

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You could by a hoppus pick guard of wormouth, but youd either have a gaping hole in the bridge where the J pickup was, or have the bridge jass pickup, i guess that would sound pretty cool though if you replaced it with a J quarterpunder and have a p quarter punder too...

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