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Never Was


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Never Was

Verse 1

Never was the one who challenged the system
When I heard of policians I just wanted to piss them
off without anything of substance to say
Now I get all that smashed in my face
I guess I could say my heart was in the right place
but I sorta wish my brain felt the same way


CUz I'm lost without direction
and I've gotten as far as they get
without a good connection
walking on eggshells, I can't make an omelet
ANd I've done all that they wanted
I held my cards close to my chest
Had a soul, but I pawned it
and listened to those who know best

Verse 2

Never was the one who cared about injustice
But now as soon as the dust is
settled I'll be there waving my flag
I ate a little bit and threw away my cereal
Who cares about waste or recycled material?
metal, paper, plastic, all goes in the same bag

Verse 3

Never was the first to have my candle lit
But I gave you mindless words, pretending that I could handle it
But I'm just one nervous breakdown away
From going off the grid or starting my own cult
Blow up the town hall with a catapult
Never stop until the world was painted gray

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