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  1. Excel help!

    oh fuck yeah it worked. thanks a bunch man a class grade was depending on this
  2. Excel help!

    this is the answer that comes up the most on google haha the box was unchecked already though. im pretty sure it has something to do with my computer and not excel, I might just have to back up my files and get a system reboot.
  3. Excel help!

    I have excel 2010 and when I try to open a file that isn't already on my computer, it only comes up as a grey screen... ive uninstalled and reinstalled and gotten rid of all of my spyware stuff and tried it then and nothing works yet. If anyone knows what's up please help me out here!
  4. Paypal Security

    Usually when I pay for ebay stuff through paypal it takes a few days for the order to even get shipped because the money has to be cleared by the bank first. I'm sure you can find another buyer though... sounds fishy.
  5. the walking dead season 2

    well then whats the big deal about getting bit? if you have it anyway why would that do anything different to you?
  6. Hooking up laptop to tv

    connected to projector - it works! thanks a bunch man i cant wait to get back from class and watch big screen porn.
  7. Hooking up laptop to tv

    Ive been trying to figure this shit out for a couple of weeks now, but no luck. I have an rgb male to male cable that goes from my laptop directly into my tv... doesn't work for some reason. If anyone could shed some light here id be very thankful. Help!
  8. Will they play snake charmer live?

    haha holy shit look how pathetically jealous this kid is. A grown man with the comebacks and the personalty of a 14 year old girl..lmao, no wonder everyone on here basically hates you. Keep your stupid comments and idiotic opinions to yourself and stop polluting threads with your desperate acts for attention. What is it ghent, mommy didn't show you attention when you were little? Is that why you strive to get it here? Your girlfriend dumped you for a guy who has a better job then you? Is that why you hate on people who are doing much better then you? There are some serious issues down under that you need to deal with. Someone call a therapist for this kid, because you sir, are fucking pathetic. suck my corn hole. ^ thats some rationality right there
  9. entourage final season

    anyone else think this was way too rushed and unbelievable? ari's wife has been adamant on not being together with him all season but all of the sudden shes not with flay and is willing to go to france for a year with ari? bs. and this reporter who wouldnt give vince the time of day is now willing to get married? bs. the only part i can MAYBE see being reasonable is e and sloan working things out, not necissarily travelling the globe together though. IMO, they should have kept making things worse and worse for everyone during the season and then slowly make it alright in the movie
  10. The Star Wars Topic

    i read reviews of the dvds and literally everyone has this same reaction: "The entire movie is ruined what the fuck is lucas doing!" get the fuck over yourself its one line if you had never seen the movie before you wouldnt tell the difference. everyone just wants to hate every new star wars thing lucas does because it "damages the classic" and it adds a shit ton of bias to their point of view
  11. entourage final season

    tonight! who else is pumped? predictions?
  12. Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8

    you trusted that black motherfucker
  13. Up All Night......love or hate?

    sooo... who also thinks this song is lame?
  14. Up All Night......love or hate?

    one of the youtube comments said it best, "this is what you get when you compromise with tom delonge. probably wrote this for ava and had mark and travis play it" i hope the rest of the cd features a lot more of mark singing
  15. Help me por favor

    wouldn't have expected you to help me, thank you! Why? I'm not a sad cunt, I'll help anyone. in that case, fuck soccer!