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  1. Feldmann

    Truest way???? Come on fuck this guy he is an asshole. Get ready for California part 2 people...
  2. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    California is the best to Mark...come on man...
  3. Blink-182 Future.

    If Feldmann takes skiba´s place I´m out...
  4. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Feldy-bot strikes again...
  5. California Deluxe -- Reviews/First Impressions

    I´m enjoying deluxe a lot more than the original album but the production is shitty and if you can´t hear it then you have to go to the doctor. I miss jerry finn...
  6. Blink-182 Future.

    New producer please
  7. California Deluxe -- Reviews/First Impressions

    Parking Lot - 2/10 Misery - 7.5/10 Good Old Days - 7/10 Don't Mean Anything 6.5/10 Hey I'm Sorry - 8.5/10 Last Train Home - 9/10 More of this please. Skiba´s greatest moment as a blink member. Wildfire - 4/10 6/8 - 8/10 Long Lost Feeling 7/10 Bottom of the Ocean - 7/10 Can't get you more Pregnant - 0/10 Stop using cool riffs for these shit songs please If in the next album they go to a sound like 6/8, hey I´m sorry, Last Train home with songs like long lost feeling and good old days and don´t mean anything(but these two with better lyrics) I´m completely back to the hype. Also I like when they throw in songs like los angeles and bottom of the ocean. This gives me hope for the future.
  8. California Deluxe Album

    Yes I´m waiting to see if something can be saved from this band...you are waiting to lick feldy´s ball once again...Different points of view
  9. WILDFIRE - new song thread

    Nonono I prefer it to california. Untitled is untouchable for me hahaha
  10. WILDFIRE - new song thread

    I prefer neighborhoods it wasn´t as good as the other releases but it has that blink magic on a lot of songs...
  11. WILDFIRE - new song thread

    I don´t like california as a whole but I loved 6/8 song, this is pure shit. Nothing stands out,..
  12. WILDFIRE - new song thread

    I expect them to write an interesting song. Something that has the level of creativity that Mark, Matt and Travis have shown during their life as musicians,,,nothing more.
  13. WILDFIRE - new song thread

    And what the fuck is Travis smoking to say that this is better than the album...I didn´t like california but I enjoy a few songs of it but the deluxe version is pure garbage...
  14. WILDFIRE - new song thread

    It´s hard to accept that the band that has grown with you for the most part of your life and helped you to get through the hardest times of it is turning to this fucking garbage. At this point I want them to stop writing as blink-182.
  15. WILDFIRE - new song thread

    And I didn´t talk about the lyrics...This can´t be the same guy that wrote wyhsb album...