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  1. Brilliant he was. Matic is immense. Jones was very good. Martial electric when he came on. No negatives tbh. We have to follow it up with a win next week though. 3 points please
  2. I'm erect 🍆🍆
  3. Chelsea 😂😂😂😂
  4. What a game last night. What a way to start the premier league season
  5. La liga is shit. I'd rather watch French, Italian, German leagues and the championship over it.
  6. Conte will probably walk out half way through the season
  7. Chelsea look shit. Wtf have you been watching pre season. If any English club is winning the cl it's City. Their attack is frightening
  8. Still soft cunts
  9. Yeah thought that. Madrid players are proper soft cunts.
  10. Ffs. It was tight but he was off
  11. The back to back European champions and best team on the planet right now beat the 6th best team in England. What a shocker.... youre highlights were clearly biased because while Madrid are a level above united had chances to score. Madrids first goal is offside. Lukaku missed an open goal, Rashford missed a one on one. Miki was through on goal in the first half and tripped himself up, pogba missed a free header etc
  12. It's all cock flashing. My cock is bigger than yours.... Kim Jong shitcunt or whatever his name is hasn't got the bollocks. He's a man child ffs. 100% a virgin who plays world of Warcraft. His fave band is probably Metallica. The bloke needs a shag ffs.
  13. Trump has flopped his big bollocks out on the table here. Fair play. Fuck you N Korea
  14. Just started this. Enjoyed the first ep. I fucking hate Jason Bateman though
  15. Jon is going to shag her. It's so obvious they're going to rule together. Fire and ice etc