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  1. The Official Football Topic

    Madrid do get some luck mind fuck me. The cunts have only won two league titles in 10 years. Yet they’re sweeping up European cups like there’s no tomorrow. They’ve just got the knack
  2. The Official Football Topic

    Ramos is a master snide. Horrible cunt. I hate Liverpool but I have a heart and I feel sorry for Salah and Karius. I hope the lad is going to be ok. It’s only football ffs
  3. The Official Football Topic

  4. The Official Football Topic

    Pep was done himself when he was playing how is it right that Messi is on growth hormones when he was a kid?? Xavi too
  5. The Official Football Topic

    https://m.independent.ie/sport/soccer/other-soccer/ewan-mackenna-murky-questions-surround-spanish-footballs-golden-era-and-people-might-not-like-the-answers-36943284.html piece in doping in football i reckon Spain and those Spanish clubs are cheating fucking cunts. Not only them but nadal too. I’ve always said it and I stand by it 100%. Bet it’s happening at City now too. Never seen players recover so quickly from injuries or the fact they never seem to tire. De Bruyne must be the fittest players of all time. The cunt is up and down the pitch week in week out without fail 🙄
  6. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Gonna give this a swerve. Not interested. I always thought Han Solo was a cunt. Was delighted when Kylo put a hole in the smug cunt
  7. Blink on Kimmel

    I cant bring myself to watch these. blink is dead. It died when Tom left. The band needs to end. I love blink and always will but please Mark end this fucking nonsense
  8. What TV show are you watching?

    Just finished Evil Genius. Wow. Absolutely brilliant
  9. What TV show are you watching?

    Can people fucking spoiler shit in here? Absolute bastards
  10. The Official Football Topic

    How is it overreacting? He’s refused to play a cup final because e didn’t wanna get injured for the World Cup. Who pays his wages?? He should be bombed out then club. Do you think Fergie would stand for that pal? Our standard have dropped massively. He’s not good enough to play upfront for Manchester United anyway even though I do like him.
  11. The Official Football Topic

    Rashford would be incredible playing for City. Jose’s negative football just stifles him. I’m sick of seeing Martial. Hopefully gone in the summer along with Pogba. Fucking hate him. Lukaku should be sold too if it’s true that he didn’t want to play
  12. The Official Football Topic

    Jose vs Conte was always gonna be an absolute cuntfest. I know we lost but fck me how poor are Chelsea? Worst Chelsea side since Abramovich took over. Hazard and Kante and that’s it. Shows how bad United were too that we couldn’t beat that pile of shit. I honestly though didn’t give a fuck we lost that’s how disillusioned I am atm. I felt nothing. I fucking hate these group of players. De Gea aside they can all fuck off.
  13. The Official Football Topic

    Was in city’s ground
  14. The Official Football Topic

    Jose out
  15. Box Car Racer or alternate blink timeline? Pick one.

    Mark would of continued to drag Tom down with his childish pop punk wank