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  1. What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    No I like all sorts of rap and hip hop I just don’t like the songs I’ve heard. Recommend me some songs and I’ll give them another try. I’ve heard gold and junky.
  2. What TV show are you watching?

    I know wat you’re saying. Georgia is gorgeous imo but yeah she’s annoying as fuck. Meg has had way to much work done but fuck me she’s sexy. Pure filth. I like Laura and the girl with Josh. She’s gorgeous. I hate Dani, I don’t believe she’s into jack. There’s no sexual attraction there from her side at all imo. i love Wez. Really funny and yeah Alex is quite funny too but a bit tragic. Jack is a dude too. Like him a lot but hope they don’t win
  3. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Screamy Skiba is pure cringe. I wish he’d fuck off. He doesn’t fit in.
  4. What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    I can’t get into Brockhampton at all
  5. What TV show are you watching?

    Evil Genius is batshit mental. Come on then let’s have some Love Island chat. Whos your faves? Who do you dislike? Who are you attracted to?
  6. The Official Football Topic

    Why are you underwhelmed? That a brilliant little signing. Hes a squad player and cost 13m. There are mediocre players going for more than that in the championship. 13m to these clubs now is nothing.
  7. What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    You listened to xxx? That album is so good. He’s so diverse. Recommend me some Uzi songs? He just collabed with Juice. That’s a banger too
  8. What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    I’m glad I have a rap/hip hop friend here 😂 thought I was alone.
  9. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    Cinema or good copy?
  10. The tennis thread

    I haven’t watched a single game this year because of the football and lack of Murray. Delighted Serena lost though. Fucking hate her
  11. What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    It’s emo rap. Him, Post Malone, xxxtentacion all love and grew up listening to rock/emo music. It has more feeling and melody than normal rap shit. Have you heard legends by juice? I’ve had that in my head got a good week now
  12. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Great tournament. Not the best quality though I may add. When Messi and Ronaldo retire we’re fucking struggling for truly world class players. Belgium still the best team for me. Hazard and De Bruyne an absolute joy to watch.
  13. Up All Night a look back

    It’s fucking shit and the video is cringe.
  14. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Game over now.
  15. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Fucking disgraceful penalty. FUCK OFF. Even the free kick that France scored from wasn’t a free kick. Griezmann dived the cheating cunt. Fuck france