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  1. Exactly. United could buy Ronaldo and make him the chef. Money is not an option. We're the biggest club on the planet. We don't have to pretend like Madrid do, photoshopping shit and having our own media outlets pushing agendas and propaganda. I always remember that game they played in the states and the crowd was 3/4 united fans and marca photoshopped the crowd all white. Absolutely fucking pathetic and hilarious. Madrid and Barca get special treatment in Spain too and England is much more fairer. If Manchester was in sunny Spain we'd probably be on about 10 European cups no bullshit
  2. United is bigger than Fergie ffs.
  3. Very worrying pal
  4. So sad to see where the mark and tom friendship ended up. I know they are complete opposites but still. Fucking shit that.
  5. Why? United could find 183m down the side of a sofa. Pocket money. We should do it. While we're at it we should buy Kane for 150m too because we fucking can
  6. Yeah he could play deeper but I think Ronaldo will win more ballon dors and score more goals as the years go on
  7. You should go from Liverpool into Wales and climb Snowdon and then from Snowdonia to Portmeirion which is about 25 mins away in a car. i don't really know tbh.
  8. Not really a surprise. Blink are a joke live. Probably one of the worst live bands i can think of. They're embarrassing. If someone bought me tickets I'd fuck them off for free. No wum
  9. What show you going too?
  10. Ronaldo to United? Surely not 😮 Giroud would be a good signing for West Ham. Everton very busy. I guess theyre spending the lukaku and barkley money Fraudiola flapping like fuck and trying to spunk 300m on players.
  11. the whole album is gold mate
  12. Take This To Your Grave is one of the best pop punk albums ever nqat. Love old FOB