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  1. Left alone
  2. This is home win last round MH 4.18.2011 vs Left Alone go
  3. Top 4 will be tough. We still gotta go away to city, spurs and arsenal
  4. I know right? offspring are more successful
  5. What a weekend. Great 3 points for United. Liverpool lose at home. City out the cup and Pep a confirmed fraudster. And el Classico was fucking MAD
  6. I empire and WDNTW are decent. The rest are wank
  7. Is that another man vs food thing? I fucking hated that.
  8. You don't know motorcycle emptiness? The actual fuck? It's a classic. And yes a design for life is seriously fucking amazing song. The orchestra on it too is beautiful. The song genuinely makes me tear up. Australia is a great song of theirs too. It was on the news at 10 which is the main news show in the U.K. The battle between oasis and blur for the number 1 spot haha crazy. Listen to the song Great Things by Echobelly. See if you like that. Another Britpop classic
  9. Yeah they were pretty big in the 90s. They're still going and have had no1 albums over here in the last few years which is impressive. They have a serious cult following. Britpop was so good. I wish I was old enough to experience that when oasis, blur, manics, pulp etc were huge
  10. One of the best riffs ever. Drums are great, vocals on point. Just a ridiculously underrated band. @Kay are you a fan? I think no but just asking
  11. Real vs Juve final
  12. Last train home and shinobi ninja dragon or whatever the fuck it's called were belters tbh. What a fucked up cunt though. Apparently he never took drugs or even drank alcohol for years. Some of his later interviews you can see what a mess he became after getting hooked on drugs. He should be shot imo
  13. I love 80s electro music and songs like this but it's just ok. Can't understand how people are loving it tbh
  14. Juve defence is so fucking good. Hard to look past Madrid though to win the whole thing