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  1. favorite blink covers?

  2. Never liked Carousel. You can hate me now
  3. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    check this out!
  4. California discussion

    Do we have any feedback from people who already heard it? Seems to me that yesterdays at list 2 friends of members of this forum heard the album and lots of other record stores employees i bet. Somebody must have said something
  5. California discussion

    Somebody should check closed torrent trackers (like what.cd). I once had an account there, but it's disabled now. If some release group is gonna leak the album, it most certanly would be first posted there. Also, it's not a bad idea to check tumblr. Nothing there yet, but I remember times, when stuff was leaked there
  6. California discussion

    I'm pretty sure I don't. Those assholes are just making money on people clicking the ad and completing the survey.
  7. California discussion

    I took a risk, completed the survey (with fake info of course) and nothing happened. No download has started, no link appeared
  8. Built This Pool