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  1. You can't listen to it till the 18th of March.
  2. Ok, he has sent me the link http://www.deezer.com/album/15595682
  3. I think it's fake guys, sorry for that. I belived that guy who has sent it to me. I can't find it on deezer. And I think that Liberator label under the song can give us a hint that's fake.
  4. 6 / 10 http://exclaim.ca/music/article/blink-182-california I have also updated the first post with the reviews.
  5. The album is awesome, fresh, fast, with summer vibes...mix of their previous works and of course something new and experimental. Finally we have Mark on 16 songs! I think the vocal split between Mark and Matt works perfectly fine. Great to see blink functioning as band again! And they are still capable to deliver quality music.
  6. I enjoy all the songs despite the fact Feldmann has got the credits. I was just curious about it.
  7. So no co-writing credits for Feldmann?
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