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  1. What a great song! I like it a lot!
  2. You can't listen to it till the 18th of March.
  3. Ok, he has sent me the link http://www.deezer.com/album/15595682
  4. I think it's fake guys, sorry for that. I belived that guy who has sent it to me. I can't find it on deezer. And I think that Liberator label under the song can give us a hint that's fake.
  5. Zeke

    2016 Summer Tour General Discussion

  6. Zeke

    Has anyone heard Hey I'm Sorry yet?

    Is it actually real 320 kbps? Correct me if I am wrong...but I think it's an upconvert from youtube.
  7. Zeke

    Has anyone heard Hey I'm Sorry yet?

    What is the reason to put a low quality audio from youtube into wav? It won't be better.
  8. Zeke

    Has anyone heard Hey I'm Sorry yet?