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  1. Teenage Satellites isn't a song I'd ever go out of my way to listen to.. But it's an above average Cali era song, simply because it's not horrible. The instrumentation and mood of it isnt bad at all. Matt's voice however..
  2. Please no.
  3. I know this is kind of uncalled for but I beg you to keep his mod powers. If you get rid of his mod powers it will truly upset me. I might even stop posting in the politics section altogether.
  4. I think we should keep Speedo's mod powers though after giving it some more thought. You need a gestapo type mod around. Please keep his mod powers.
  5. Sober is just a genuinely upbeat poppy fun song ridden of whoas. Despite the crappy verses that don't sound like them being themselves, Sober sounds like an actual Mark pop song he wanted to write & play. And it was a little new/unique.. It brought that Blink energetic intensity too. It's not my favorite song, but far from the worst Cali song.
  6. Helen & JarJar are next.
  7. And sometimes corrections need to be made. Happens.
  8. I do have baby pictures with my parents, just like 99% of people do who continue to raise those kids. The Obamas do not. #thanksforhelpingmycase
  9. Thank God your closet mod powers are limited! Could you imagine if you had the ability to bring death on people? Things would get ugly quick! #powertrips
  10. Can you temp ban a mod even? I think speedo needs a break!
  11. Don't forget about mee!!!
  12. Sober winning? Really..? TOTTM getting votes? Really...? *sigh* As long as Parking Lot wins I don't really care but damn disappointed when Cali turnout. Should have been Soohm, LA, HISALP, Left Alone, KOTW carrying most of the votes. Truly awful songs.
  13. Holy shit did Ghent just admit Mark & Matt can't write for shit right now and Feldmann writes way too much of the music we currently hear? I can't see it happening though and not sure why Travis would help make it good. Yes he's a great drummer but he hardly had much input in Box Car, that was all Tom's movement and just grabbed Travis, and it's not Travis is bringing out the best in Mark or Matt now, under the freaking Blink 182 name. That said I wouldn't mind it. I've lost pretty much all love in current Blink, this could provide more and possibly better music, as well as possibly motivate Mark and Matt to be better. We know one thing is for sure, it would be genuine music.
  14. Matt: "but Blink comes first. I feel like this was so organic. The writing process, everything has been so organic. Sometimes you have to put money I mean something that's so organic fist. Alkaline will always be a part of me but I've grown naturally into Blink." Mark: "and it was, fine. I wish his future endeavors the best. We will continue to play our hits for the setlist. 90 minutes is the perfect length." Travis: "drums, hardwork, hip hop, social media, spit bubbles, tattoos. It's crazy, it's like I'm addicted. I guess you could say, I'm an addict. We've been starting to write again already, it's crazy, crazy man, I thought it couldn't be topped but I think this next set of songs is the best thing we've ever wrote. My kids love it. Alabama wrote part of the lyrics and Landon helped design the artwork.."
  15. I thought it was pretty cringey. Honestly what would have made it better is if as soon as they started trying fiddling with the instruments Feldmann came down on wires and takes over the rest of the writing while those 2 dicked around on the internet. To be fair, Mike Shinodas base layer track for them to go off of was terrible.