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  1. It's A LOT better. And not delayed
  2. Are you talking about this? If you read the description, this was his first attempt and it's 1000 better than the crap guy we have now.
  3. This is NOT why we built this pool!
  4. Do you see what California is doing to all of us??? It's making people post pictures of shirtless dudes now.
  5. Stop checking out dudes.
  6. He is a total psycho, but definitely a borderline genius at what he does. Reminds me of jigsaw from Saw. I didn't realize he was sought after for political advice from Nixon when he was like 25 years old.. I fully believe his story behind all this too, Trump wants to take all the credit but he was doing the exact same things that Ronald Reagan and Nixon were doing, who Stone was apart of.
  7. Midnight Meat Train: 5/10. Uhh wtf, idk why this horror suspense flick actually got good critic reviews. Like really good. It was cheesy over the top blood bath. I'll say it was kind of fun, you know to watch with some friends but it wasn't the least bit interesting. Dude slaughters ppl on a train.. Bradley Cooper gets caught in the middle of it all. Decent slasher flick though, just thought there'd be more depth with the reviews. Wedding Crashers: 10/10. Could watch this movie 100 times. Still holds up, absolutely hilarious. Hot Fuzz: 7.5/10. It's good for what it is. I actually really enjoyed this one. Funny, upbeat, kind of stupid ending but that's to be expected. Like the lead actor in this one. Bad guy was a bit cheesy but I'm sure that was intentional. Barton Fink: 7/10. First time actually watching this, and I'm a Coens fan. It was just pretty good, I got it, all the metaphors and symbolism, it was partly about the writers themselves. Good, just not my favorite Get Me Roger Stone: 8/10. Great fun documentary I thought. Look into corrupt politics
  8. Disaster fucking sucks! Mark is equal blame for that though.
  9. Seems like Linkin Park is in that current Blink land as well where they can't face the critics and just make excuses for shitty poppy music like it's everyone else being wrong. Kind of stubborn baby mentalities.
  10. "..not just being complacent and satisfied. So much punk rock is like that. That's what people hate about punk: You love it till like three records later and you're like, “Fuck! It's just the same shit!” So how do you progress something that seems like it's unprogress-ible?" Say what you want about crazy Tom, but I surely do miss this mindset right about now. So beyond frustrating to not have any of this right now. Kind of cool to see him seem content with Mark n Travis being happy, fake or not. He must be getting paid well.. I did lol at the large motion pictures. Which is really just alien documentaries in a Ford hat.
  11. Roger Stone documentary on Netflix. Pretty darn good I thought. Fun to relive the election through the dirty side of it all.
  12. It is. For albums that flow from start to finish perfectly, I can't think of any other albums in my collection that do the same aside from Self Titled.
  13. Umm all of them because the music was better? If we're ignoring the time span it too to get music that is. Besides Pretty Little Girl (I'll never understand what ppl hear in this one), This Is Home, and Even if she falls, pretty much all of them were much better Blink music. But we're getting better Mark now (besides lyrics), so it would be nice to have a woken Mark with Tom's guitar again.. or at least Mark only songs right now would make me happier