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  1. NBA

    Visuals are dope. Even though its LeBron
  2. That wasn't the extreme position. There were extremist there. Just like every retarded protest nowadays
  3. You do realize this is not that far off from Trump's underlying point. Some people were there to see the status stay from a historical standpoint.. Extremists from both sides sparked violence. I don't agree with him hesitating (even though he's possibly sick & tired of answering the same one sided ambush every presser, and they rarely report it if it's good), but it's not as if there isn't any truth to what he's saying.... Neither side should get off free of blame, yes the one who killed someone absolutely should be held accountable, but he did say that.. He added to not let either extreme side off the hook.. I don't really think he was downplaying anything like this witch-hunt is pushing. I would never respect downplaying Nazis, but let's be honest most neo-nazis are complete poser idiots who have no idea what they're doing or thinking, I don't think many leave their moms basement.
  4. Found it in full, not that I want to give crap news network more business/views
  5. What statements? Please summarize without being a biased cunt or post video. Thanks.
  6. Sad to break it to you but yes, many of them literally believe this. Not that it's a conspiracy, but that they are all flat out racists. We have a really backwards nation currently. They carry signs that say want cops dead, etc. Sounds like you would probably be against it actually, and I applaud you for having more common sense than a good chunk of our country.
  7. Where are you from? BLM absolutely believe that. This is kind of why I don't like when other nations weigh in to our politics so much, they aren't around it enough. *cue the outrage
  8. Fair point if numbers are true. Except, it was around 70% of all illegal immigrant woman that come over I am pretty sure. I'll look it up when I'm back on a computer.
  9. Have you not been following Black Lives Matter? It's dangerous, like the Dallas shooting? That's why it matters. The truth also matters does it not? Otherwise you see what happens with BLM. It starts out with good intentions, making a statement to end ALL police brutality, and then everyone starts to get brianwashed by absolute lies like the police are out to murder and be racist towards all black people, and then you get people retaliating or shooting at cops. That's why it matters.
  10. Those statistics aren't far off from my understanding. It's not in a narrative of hating black people either, it's in that Police aren't out with an agenda to murder black people. Black people are responsible for most deaths of their own race, that is factual. That isn't racist. Mexico illegal immigrants ARE often rapists. Look at the facts! I think it's like over 70% of illegal immigrant woman are raped by the men who brought them over. That's like if all hillbilly white guys or racist neo Nazis moved to Canada, and committed a bunch of crimes. Should they not be allowed to say 'fuck these White supremicists, we need to fix this problem'.
  11. @OliverTrump That's a terrible argument. Why do BLM pushers or racist left groups support Hillary Clinton? Racist hillbillies almost always vote Republican.
  12. That isn't racist..
  13. Can you actually provide examples of him being racist or are you just going to spout out the same bullshit you would read in a YouTube comment section.
  14. Hmmm. Edited nicely of course, but one can say the same for the otherside who continually paints him racist.