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  1. The Donald Trump Thread

    All I got from this was "I'm a liberal, I'm a liberal, you're not, so you're wrong and I'm not, and neither are my friends" I didn't read it though. Just saw it was long.
  2. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    No, I don't, and it was indeed weird as fuck, has to be on something. These are the type of posters that make even me look good.
  3. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    L“Dumpweed” by Blink-182 in the style of the 1975's “Chocolate” - News https://search.app.goo.gl/Zeck I haven't seen this but I saw it on my feed and drunk.
  4. The Donald Trump Thread

    Tom Cruise would be GOAT as the TV star or stunt double.
  5. The Sex Pest Club

    So Family Guy/Mcfarlane 'predicted' 3 of these events unfolding so far. Weinstein, Spacey, Braten. I watched an episode recently where Tom Cruise had a cage of sex slaves and a tracking device on Katie Holmes... Makes you wonder.
  6. The Donald Trump Thread

    Possibly, idk, do we know yet? I haven't been following it much. Not the Franken one either. It is definitely more suspect to come forward right during an election though, idk how you can deny that.
  7. The Donald Trump Thread

    How can you take the Trump allegations seriously when they came up DURING THE ELECTION and only once it got close enough to be a serious threat to making it in. I like how Trump was just this smirky rich guy ppl liked and didn't have a problem with and then out of the blue he's this racist, sexist, satanic devil worshipper who has had secret ties to Stalin & Hitler this whole time!
  8. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    No. But I did try to bring the long shorts to life that blink used to rock. It had some momentum. Levi's for me like most bigoted white ppl.
  9. The Donald Trump Thread

    None of them are grotesque though, except arguably a 70 year old. Congrats.
  10. The Donald Trump Thread

    You would get a point if you were just searching for the Don, and not obsessively searching for young Ivanka photos.
  11. The Donald Trump Thread

    This is Eric Trump's girlfriend.. Not gonna lie, would tag over Ivanka.
  12. The Donald Trump Thread

    What are you ThomasD now? You're better than that.. explain where I'm wrong.
  13. The Donald Trump Thread

    Donald's girlfriend - 9.5 Eric's girlfriend - 10 Donald Jr's girlfriend - 8.5 No, their faces don't resemble Bradley Cooper, but looks like they are managing just fine. Like the virgin you are, thinking girls base guys off their face anyways..
  14. The Donald Trump Thread

    Eh, strange. But so is you guys stalking all these photos of Trump and his young daughter. Talk about weird..