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  1. nicely done! i personally love the resonance you can get from a semihollow but not at the expense of losing comfort while playing.
  2. probably not. i never really got into the 335s very much. if someone wanted me to mod one specifically for them, then i'd do it. but i dont see it happening.
  3. No problem. Hope its useful!
  4. so i mentioned this elsewhere (the dude ranch LP thread i think?) but before the whole Dude Ranch LP thing happened i decided to throw my hat in the sticker strat ring before i had even decided to come back to this forum. i had recently done a "tom delonge pickup shootout" video and really enjoyed the dimarzio x2n pickup that tom used back in the cheshire days. not long after that i came across this guy selling a bunch of stickers on reverb that were known for tom's sticker strat and it seemed cheap enough and would save me a bunch of work so i said hell with it and purchased them. it seemed like fate because people have been asking me to try and do a sticker strat build for a while. if you're not familiar with my content i've made some other tom builds in the past like the obvious jazzmaster , yellow baritone strat and others. so after deciding to take on the project i was looking for pictures and whatever else i could find for info on the guitar and came across this thread. i was amazed at the amount of info you all compiled. that being said, i NOW know that the stickers that i bought werent perfect. in fact some of them are just straight up wrong. wrong colors , wrong sizing. but i decided to go ahead with it anyway since i already bought the guitar (the hot rails squier that was recommended earlier in the thread, it really was the closest choice) and modded it with the pickups. so after all was said and done, here i am. i just uploaded a new guitar cover using said sticker strat and i gotta say, even though its not perfect, i'm happy with it and it was a fun project. i do plan on listing it for sale essentially for just the cost of parts and a little bit extra for the work i did. not only that but i video taped quite a large amount of the process itself for people to use as a reference on their own builds. its a long one. probably a bit long-winded but i had a lot to talk about and wanted to be as helpful as possible. i'll be uploading that video soon. maybe this weekend. anyways, just wanted to say thank you all for the help with pictures and general info on the subject. it really is quite impressive and much appreciated on my end. thanks!
  5. Tom Delonge's Les Paul(s) 1997-1998

    Yeah you guys made some good points. I'd definitely like to get the stickers remade but leave them off the guitar.
  6. Tom Delonge's Sticker Strat

    Its unlikely that they wouldve been left as 250k. 500k is industry standard for humbuckers although everybody has their own preference. The 500k will help brighten up the humbuckers
  7. Tom Delonge's Les Paul(s) 1997-1998

    No. I only translated some of it real quick to read on my phone but i assume they took any info from my video and the original listing.
  8. Tom Delonge's Les Paul(s) 1997-1998

    I was linked a little article about the black LP from a czech site . https://blink182.cz/aktuality/relikvie-blink-182-příběh-kytary#offcanvas
  9. Tom Delonge's Les Paul(s) 1997-1998

    yes someone sent me the lady luck sticker tonight. not sure if it was the same person but killer find! i'm a bit torn on whether or not i should put the stickers back on or not ... if i could even find em all. the lady luck one was the main one i really cared about anyway also guess where that sticker on ebay is being sold from... poway, CA. go figure. granted its only 4 inches tall. the one i'd need is roughly 8.5 inches
  10. Tom Delonge's Les Paul(s) 1997-1998

    Hey just chiming in. I appreciate all the digging youve all been doin finding photos and videos of this guitar in action. I was huge into blink back in the day but id be lying if i said i remembered half of what i used to as far as gear facts and other little things. After my displeasure of california i took a break from blink and am slowly getting back into the swing of things and really appreciating the older stuff a lot more. Its Totally surreal that i own this guitar now... still pinching myself. if you guys have any requests for photos or whatever of the guitar just let me know. Ill be sure to do more covers on my channel and ill definitely be using it on my new album. Im definitely interested in finding out what that big sticker of the girl is. I dont know how easy it is to see in the video but you can TOTALLY see the outline of that big sticker. Harder to see the others. By the way. I was checking out the white sticker strat thread a couple weeks ago before this whole les paul thing happened. So ive actually started a replica build of that guitar. Just been keepin it hidden til its done. I just got the stickers in yesterday from the reverb seller. ive been actually documenting the entire modding process on video and made sure to give props to you guys for the amazing info and pics in that thread. Ill be sure to link the thread when i post the video. I fully intend on selling the guitar once its complete. Its been a fun project so far! But SHHH dont tell anyone yet!