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  1. Yeah it doesn't bother me too much either, i just pointed it out, that someone had made a video about this topic
  2. This thread is so fucking weird haha
  3. Feldmann wasn't involved in the making of +44s album, so he couldn't really ruin it
  4. Travis must be a time optimist, play in a world-famous band that is currently recording a new album, then most likely going to go out on a tour to support that album, then he's going to start a new band, not even mentioning all the many projects he's worked on. I'm kinda worried for him, he has that blood-clot thing now (i think?) i really hope he doesn't overwork himself and have a mental breakdown
  5. Yes, that's what i suggested, maybe it could be some kind of skate company?
  6. Andrew182


    There might be a thread for this (amazing) band, but i couldn't find one. I guess in this thread you can post stuff related to ALL or Descendents. Imo this band is really underrated, and a lost gem. I don't see this band any different from Descendents, only a different vocalist. Billy boy still being one of the greatest songwriters. It has really influenced Blink and even myself! If you haven't really listened to All i recommend it and urge you to listen.
  7. Must have been one hell of a birthday then
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