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  1. Was Family reunion studio version from this session or was that recorded during Enema?
  2. I like this version better, don't know why: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/blink-182-lil-wayne-summer-tour-831871/
  3. 11/15/2001 The band is interviewed on MTV's TRL. This was pre-recorded? They mention @18:35 they are shooting a video in September for STFTK
  4. I remember being at Leeds fest 2003 and going to the NME signing tent to try and meet them. Earlier in the day they gave out 150 of theses as meet and greet passes. I was bummed as I could see them signing but I hadn't a ticket. Should be around August 2003 if this is the same event
  5. looking at matts insta post seems like the uk are getting the full screen stage show from the US california tour. Thought the german and Dutch shows (non festival) were lacking the screens with the bunny flag hanging down
  6. Blink played SF last night and Phoenix open a few days ago, NHL show too, according to snapchat. Were these shows advertised? Blink seem to be doing a lot more corporate gigs now, free of Tom they can say yes more often.
  7. What line in what went wrong did Jerry inspire?
  8. Putting some of my stuff up for sale. The things I'm not mad about selling I put ridiculus prices on but feel free to make offers https://www.discogs.com/seller/colm.oreilly1989/profile?page=1
  9. Pop disaster tour: green day also played a shorter set with a simpler production and smaller stage. Blinks stage was set up behind a curtain for green day which made them look like a supporting band. Travis had flying drum solo and pyro was insane. The acoustic intermission of what went wrong was brilliant on this tour as a distraction while travis' rig got set up.
  10. That's brilliant, so cool Blink are playing new countries or at least playing places they haven't been in ages. Ireland's promoters need to get the finger out and book them (even though I already have my flights to Liverpool ).
  11. I went for the Feeling this package for Liverpool. I'll be submitting my dissertation around then so be a nice congratulations gift to myself. Ryanair flights are like €20 e/w and I'v mates to stay with
  12. Thanks man. Liverpool still on sale with that link. I can also PM anyone who is looking. I now have to decide between going for the VIP package or not. Ah feck i deserve it.
  13. Can you share the mailing list link? or is it one link per address?
  14. Has anyone a presale link for the uk tour? or do u need o2 priority? im thinking Liverpool but they will probably announce a Dublin date the moment I do?
  15. I think it was a Finnish flag not an inverted cross on mark's bass circa 2003-2004 (he has Finnish ancestry). It looked like an inverted cross when he held his bass sideways though!!
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