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  1. On the title track chorus, his voice reminds me of Deryck from Sum 41 a little bit Pop punk became too emo since the great ones were around. I like some new bands, but they aren't real pop punk. MGK captured the sound I love, this music just makes me so happy. The emo indie stuff I never truly loved even though it's pretty good too
  2. Has anyone listened to any of the TTS podcasts? I tried a few clips and I can't last a minute without being confused. Everyone into this "hobby" talks the same way with their nonsensical rambling. The twitter fanboys are just as bad. I swear they have long lasting effects from drug use or have brain damage. I've read instagram comments like "proud stockholder since day 1" underneath Tom's insane posts about interdimensional consciousness and his new Artifical Intelligence that will predict the time and location of future UFO sightings
  3. I still think they look cool, but the defects add a funny element to these, hope to see more posted! I'm curious if these will be back on the website soon or if they will keep them locked away. It's still a fair price and I'm sure they'd sell out quick. I would love to see them do more of these with the Ava guitars too lol
  4. I want to hear MGK do 1 song with flanger and delay pedals and sing lots of yo way oh ay oh ay, ohs and la da da das
  5. Travis can play drums for MGK when they open for blink. Then Scott can play for the first 10 blink songs which will only be pre enema. Then Travis finishes the show with Mark and Tom and they only play songs from pre Neighborhoods.
  6. What happened with the mini guitars, did people think they were going to be full size or something?
  7. Wow that was awesome! I tried rewatching album launch a few years ago, but I had already seen it so many times back in the day, I kind of remembered everything. This was a great excuse to rewatch it!! Lots of legit lol moments in the documentary and Mark was awesome reacting and giving info! Must watch for blink fans of that era.. I think I can live without the blinkumentary now, this was awesome. I'll just assume it probably sucked anyway Also, blink italia uploaded it to YouTube, so I reported them for spam, hopefully they get banned
  8. I don't consider Neighborhoods to be so great in quality, I can find 15 equally good Skiba songs from these albums. Of course I would prefer Tom to be around especially live but the band lost the dynamic they had before the hiatus anyway. Tom in 2004 hadn't gone into Ava mode yet! Speaking of disingenuous, that describes Tom well. Supposedly quitting for his family and then he starts a new band and tours every year with multiple albums. Tom Brady did the same thing recently, using the family excuse.
  9. Many don't consider the post hiatus Tom era to be real blink and it could be combined with the Skiba era. It was a total flop aside from the 2 tours before the 2011 album. They made 1 album in 6 years. Then Skiba filled in and made 3 albums in 4 years.
  10. Love certainly is dangerous...the risk of your wife taking half your money, the house. These musicians are some of the dumbest people out there. They are constantly around lawyers, managers, rich friends. Doesn't anyone warn them to get a pre-nup?
  11. The only thing Neighborhoods is missing is 2 good singles and music videos. Skiba will always be able to proudly hold the honor of having better singles than the last Tom album.
  12. Yeah I've now just seen them post it on youtube! Nice Boxelder
  13. Speedo on queue, thank you for proving my point! So basically I called it what everyone else is, a few idiots argue/disagree about it, then they tell me to stop arguing while they rage and swear at me lol.
  14. It's not even worth it. The only people on the entire internet who claim its not pop punk are all part of the same angry clique on b182 online. They were going so far as denying that people on youtube were calling it pop punk which is 99% of the comments and reaction videos. They should be politicians because then they turned it around on me like why are you calling it pop punk and categorizing music?! Very bizarre
  15. I never heard that Tom didn't do guitar on Kaleidoscope, that's pretty cool since it's my favorite song on the CD. I never picked up on anything in that song to make me think of that.
  16. This doesn't make any sense, Speedo the Pedo
  17. She probably won't be your girlfriend much longer, women get tired of wankers eventually. I wonder what you did to trick her in the first place
  18. It's the angry bullies, snobs, and trolls complaining about genre. We don't need you to correct us for calling it pop punk. If we called it rap, metal, or classical, then you have a point. Not sure why it bothers them so much.
  19. Yes, they also edited "I wanna take off your clothes" and repeated another line "I love all the things you do"
  20. I just looked it up on YouTube. Apparently the Madden version didn't include "get ready for action" but it's titled "Action". I assumed they were exactly the same.
  21. I was going to compare The Love movie to a bad M Night Shyamalan movie as some of the worst movies I've ever seen. It has an IMDB rating of 5.5 with over 8000 votes which is the coincidentally the same as Lady in the Water by M Night lol. It does have some cool visuals, but you're better off finding still images. It makes me mad how much time that Tom wasted making this. It's not even remotely close to being a finished movie. Half of it looks like it was filmed with a phone. If you want to watch a space movie, watch Interstellar
  22. TTS probably has their own medical staff, you can never be too careful when handling alien technology 👽
  23. Tom is definitely self diagnosed. If he actually saw a doctor, they would have diagnosed him with about 10 different disorders. I wonder if he came to the ADHD conclusion after doing a few lines of coke.
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