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  1. I'm glad they broke up. That guy was gross and I was having second hand embarrassment for her
  2. So do I need to inspect them on the ground or from the sky? When I looked from the sky nothing happened. I was preoccupied with another task so that's what made me leave quickly
  3. "You cannot be letting him climb the rich white Coochie mountain sis" 😂
  4. Ok, I talked to her, but I honestly wasn't sure what I was supposed to do exactly. Take pictures of them? I moved on
  5. I beat the Water Temple and have now arrived at Wind Temple. What a trek! By the way, what was the side quest before the Wind Temple that people were saying was important? Is it the Lucky Clover Gazette?
  6. Is there any strategy to follow with it or just check all the time about a week out?
  7. It comes out the day I see her. 99.9% chance I keep my tickets and go, but I find myself looking at StubHub quite a bit and thinking about what I could do with that $4000 profit lol
  8. @Patient #48273 Remember how I couldn't get tickets to this tour awhile back and was melting down? Well what I didn't report was that on Thanksgiving I impulse bought two tickets on the floor for $950 each. Front row back section. I thought it was idiotic, but went full YOLO on it and spent the next two months selling shit and trying to make the purchase feel less reckless. Didn't even post about it out of shame. Fast forward to now. I think I could sell these tickets for $3500+ each lol. Now I feel reckless and irresponsible NOT selling them. Fuck. All I want to do is see Taylor Swift. This shit sucks
  9. Probably an underlying desire for them to end from the hater type fans as well. I kind of view this era as a new beginning myself. It’s the first time since the early 2000s that they haven’t hated each other lol.
  10. My grandpa is 86 and half deaf but still listens to music all the time and has been to a couple shows in his 80s
  11. I need to watch Terminator, never seen it. Always looked dumb to me as a kid so I've avoided it
  12. What is everyone just supposed to hole up and watch Fox News from the recliner until they die once they hit 50? lol
  13. I think them not having kids in the house anymore will lead to a good decade of activity. If Tom can just stay away from the fake alien stuff and not start any more dumb projects. Big if but I have hope
  14. I don't get that vibe at all
  15. I'm glad I didn't pay the $1000 to see them on this tour. The two Cali songs would have been cool to hear with Tom, but besides that it's pretty much the same ole stuff (with more effort!). The tour supporting the new album will be the one for me
  16. The blink machine is just so awful, yet they choose to do a GIGANTIC world tour first thing back? Tom's the only one who has ever complained about the machine and that was just an excuse for him to go full egomaniac and try to surpass blink by himself (see AVA fail)
  17. I doubt anyone likes doing that stuff...All I'm talking about is like a Rolling Stone interview or something. Not rando local radio station interviews to sell tickets
  18. Like surely they will eventually explain how Tom got back in the fold and how and why they started playing together again? I thought they had grand plans for a documentary and some kind of themed album (song title Edging still makes no sense?) At least they sound better live and actually like each other now. The little things lol
  19. My biggest disappointment so far is the decision to do NO press. I thought this was going to be a “let the album speak for itself” situation, but that doesn’t work as well when it’s delayed by months and no one knows what the hell is going on. Obviously it could all work out and the album will be great, but they’ve really dropped the ball with the hype machine. The only time I’ve really been excited was when Edging came out.. now that song feels so old it might not feel right on an album. I don’t get the strategy here at all. I haven’t reached meltdown mode, but they seem to be stuck in a gray area here. Am I even supposed to be pumped for this or what? I don’t get it
  20. I remember getting shit on for saying this would never be out before the South American dates that they bailed on to work on the album lol
  21. Anyone else not care about the completion aspect of gaming? I'm just here to beat the game, I'm old like that. If it takes 30 shrines or 130 makes no difference to me. Just here for the end scenes
  22. Ghent


    I wouldn't either if I was unable to understand or answer a question
  23. Ghent


    I think both their coach and Brown are at least slightly MR. Tatum is a good talent, but he has fake confidence and ends up looking like a lost baby under pressure. That coach though, ho boy...what a dipshit
  24. Both of these songs are good, especially Dirty Jacks. I want more! They need to get Ryan Sinn and David Kennedy on board and it can be a full band of Tom victims
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