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  1. So Succession is actually good? I never really heard anything about it, assumed it must suck
  2. The radio-silent technique has made for way LESS hype. But also less of a chance for a let down album due to too much hype. Next time I'd prefer a happy medium
  3. I'd like to think this silence and shadow drop was all part of a plan, but I have no reason to put that kind of faith in this band lol. Hope things are different now
  4. I'd just like to see the original bunny spruced up a tiny bit and reused for awhile. The smiley has run its course and the "new bunny" was always lame. A logo based on a toy design? c'mon that was lazy!
  5. Damn that is really weird for them to carry that. The shirt would be pretty cool if it was just the front embroidered part patch. The back is hideous. That font needs to get in the bin for awhile
  6. 🎵Braaain Caandy🎵, *insert sick riff written by Britney Spears guy here* I can hear it now, you guys are gonna love it!
  7. Ah, so you're saying I was right all along. Excuse me, while I grab my victory bib.
  8. Wait, the Tombots are really gonna try to excuse songwriting credits by saying they only helped Mark? 😂 FFS
  9. Bunch of fuckin wack jobs really
  10. I paid for Chris Hansen to do a video for me and some friends annual golf tournament a couple years ago on Cameo. It was legit lol. Only like $50. Apparently he’s really broke or something, I don’t remember the story
  11. Yeah, he had hair transplants done. Nothing wrong with that, not judging and don’t care. It’s just obvious and kind of funny to follow. He hasn’t revealed the end result but kind of teases it here and there. Yes it’s just speculation. If I’m wrong I’ll eat crow, whatever, but I’d put money on it. We’ll see soon lol. If it turns out Skiba should get the doctor’s digits *signed guy with a forehead the size of Milwaukee
  12. You know the ads they show are typically catered to the individual and their web history…right?! I mean I’ve seen some weird shit down there, but beastiality? Damn your search history must be 🔥
  13. Is he ever gonna show us his new hairline? He's been teasing that thing for months now. Better look sick AF
  14. The way people continue to have a cult like thing with Tom is really creepy. I mean he was my favorite member too and he was my hero growing up....But damn, he's been washed for so long and a bit of a con man and crazy to boot. Edging was a good sign that he might be interested in doing something cool with blink again. He's been saying the right things (besides the wacky alien stuff and movie promotions).. but he has a LOT to prove to win me back lol.
  15. The entire thing is trash, but it was definitely rejected/unused blink material. Poor Mark and Travis
  16. I dunno, he definitely posted a clip of that Animals song and said it was a new blink song he was working on. 100% And a lot of the lyrical content is forced sounding blink material
  17. So nEw WaVe Can't believe he was pumped on that song and was intending to use it for blink. Yikes!
  18. If they do manage to create any kind of new sound it will be impressive considering they are old men now. There aren't many bands pushing the envelope in any successful way at that age. Usually they become greatest hits versions of their prime or they start releasing super lame odd ball shit that no one cares about.
  19. Would be pretty lame. Tom has been messing with that for over a decade with AVA and it mostly stinks. Blink has already explored it as well. I'm down with a new sound, but that ain't it
  20. Yeah, it would be almost guaranteed to disappoint. May have worked if they did it back in that time period, but too late now.
  21. If this album doesn’t come out before their US tour that would be a major fail. I’m thinking it will be out fairly soon though
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