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  1. It's why we have the secret channel with everyone but Ghent and JarJar.
  2. Ghent isn't going to make you a mod just because you suck up.
  3. This one's cool because no one was born before the '80s.
  4. I thought Jan had a better sense of humour. Even Diddy would have had a more grounded reaction than that.
  5. You have to venture outside the blink section to get an invite.
  6. I'm resisting the urge to ask him if he only knows Social Distortion from Guitar Hero.
  7. Maybe they'll name a new covid variant after the song!
  8. Wow. Maybe Tom was physically there, but he clearly didn't contribute anything. He was probably scrolling through his phone the whole time.
  9. That reminds me... I bought a couple of albums from interpunk back in March or something and haven't gotten them yet lol.
  10. Yellowjackets was great. I'm really looking forward to the next season. I enjoyed Succession too, but it didn't draw me in particularly. I've been watching the last season of Better Call Saul. I'm sad that it's ending so soon.
  11. You don't need to add Satan to a bunch of titles because he's mentioned quite clearly several times when you play the album backwards. The spoken word interlude graphically describes the ritualistic sacrifice of a virgin.
  12. We're going to have to do a re-watch together to find out.
  13. I haven't watched The L Word in years, I can't remember the character's name.
  14. Who killed more people in the Bible... God or Satan?
  15. Yeah, it was done as a joke. I do think he finds it interesting, but I believe he's an atheist.
  16. You could have prevented this, @Kay.
  17. It's right there in the title though. You know... Lucifer?
  18. I thought the Satanic stuff was too edgelord for you? (Luciferian Blues is great though.)
  19. @Johnny Fappleseed I moved your post for you ❤️
  20. Take off the clown makeup. It's over.
  21. But if there were dates that were going to be announced soon, he wouldn't have said anything at all about touring. I take his statement to mean that there won't be anything for a while. He's not trying to throw people off their scent, he's being very forthright.
  22. @Russel Coight never seems angry to me. Maybe you have trouble picking up on his humour?
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