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  1. Anyone else order one of the enema anniversary shirts? One of the few post-reunion pieces of merch that I actually like.
  2. When I left there was arguing, now when I come back there is even more arguing and now I'm uncertain of the popularity of my upcoming birthday topic next monday.
  3. Chad

    CFL 2011 Season

    Just got back from the Argonauts home opener. Leave it to Toronto to give up a great 1st quarter lead. Good game regardless.
  4. Chad

    The NHL thread

    Ovechkin too often tries to do it all himself in pressure situations. Trying to take the puck end to end himself. Constantly trying to split the D and take the puck to the net when a simple dump would suffice. I'm not taking away form his ability, he is still a great player.
  5. Why am I just now hearing of this, this is awesome.
  6. Vice City definitely had the best story. San Andreas had the best features. 4 is the most polished off and looks amazing. But if I had to choose my favorite I would go with San Andreas just because you can do anything and everything in that game. I've been wanting to get San Andreas, mostly to try out the multiplayer. It's a shame it was the only ps2 release with any kind of multiplayer. I really though IV was to serious. It just wasn't as fun and cartoonish as all the other. I picked up my game in vice city I stopped playing may of 2009 and it's still as good as I remember. The sountrack is still as great too.
  7. I've been playing vice city all night. Just realized it 6:30 am, whoops.
  8. Champions Of Norrath -PS2 Toy Commander -Dreamcast
  9. Chad

    The NHL thread

    Enjoyable game tonight. Goddamn I hate the bruins.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuHcK2guDnM#ws eh
  11. A couple of the arcades by me have the six player x-men arcade cab. Fun game.
  12. Panasonic announcing a new video game hand held. I can see this being just as big of a flop as the n-gage was. Horrible time to think about releasing it as the Nintendo 3DS will be coming out in March and most likely a new PSP soon after. http://www.engadget.com/2010/10/04/panasonics-jungle-portable-gaming-system-emerges-gets-shown-of/
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