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  1. i never thought i would ever meet these guys, but i eventually did over time.. all separately. i met travis first, while he was in blink. there was this store opening in hollywood called wasted youth and they sold famous stuff i guess, so they had a signing there with the transplants and cypress hill and everclear i think. that was a long time ago. but by the time i finally got in there it was only travis, sh rob, and dj muggs. next i met mark and travis again at a plus 44 signing in hollywood. then tom backstage at the wiltern and again at warped tour.
  2. Nickduuude

    wait, so

    LA to SD is 2 hours. iv been there a bunch of times. 3 hours TOPS in traffic. its not that bad. its like LA to santa barbara, its only 2 hours and its not a big deal cuz im driving back and forth often cuz my girl goes to school up there.
  3. the avalon or wiltern would be cool. i hope the first show is a small club, only if im able to get tickets..
  4. where the fuck won't you see this little bitch post? it would be sooo great to see mark or tom or travis to say something about him. kind of like a slap in the face
  5. to be honest, i would be like that too cuz what rock star isn't a perv really? id still be faithful but come on, you have pretty young girls throwing themselves at you.. thats got to be kind of nice.
  6. 15 years from now.. rock of love with tom delonge
  7. just noticed that warped tour isn't on blinks top friends. and let the speculation begin..
  8. they could have a special first show before warped tour. i imagine that happening more than just warped tour being the first show.
  9. i was listening to kroq today and i very briefly heard someone on there talk about concert news and stuff like that and i heard blink 182, as if they had some sort of news. idk if they had any new news or announced anything.. i guess something to look for in the near future.
  10. i still think the warped idea is cool. as long as its not the only tour, but i think regardless we should be greatful they are back together and at least making music again. i think in a sense it would be kind of lame for blink to get special treatment and get a longer set. i always liked the fact that no matter how big or small a band is they get equal play time. we'll see what happens though.
  11. ohhh of course, because that really matters when people call everything "ethan" and "remarded". im so ignorant.
  12. ur pic, what song did they play with instruments reversed any recordings? ya i always wondered if they ever did anything like that. that would be cool if theres a bootleg or some shit.
  13. Are you mentally handicapped? yes, that is what i am for not caring about a "general discussion".
  14. whats the point of the "general discussion" shit. everyone just posts new shit.. who cares..
  15. Then dont go to Warped and see them somewhere else. I live in Jersey. You think its any better in terms of conditions? Its not. Its hot its humid and I sure as shit wouldnt bring my girl to a place where I know its going to be rowdy. I just don't feel like a true Blink fan would complain about their touring. I feel like a true fan would make the choice " ok im going to see them no matter what bc theyve been broken up for some long and I dont care about the environment" or they simply wont go and see them elsewhere. No shit. Ok how about you explain that? nobody can at this point! we dont know anything yet, wait it out
  16. i know i saw it too but i hoping someone would have a bigger one. thats all i ask man.
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