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  1. I know, it's not my photo. I don't have the mag. "I beleive that people will be floored when they get an idea of what it is we're going for in the next 12-24 months" New Album in Autumn Tom's fine with +44 playing Blink
  2. Matt Watcher is now officially in AVA and the new album is called "I-Empire" Source: Kerrang Scans! http://www.jnbpodcast.co.uk/cutenews/data/upimages/img002.jpg http://www.jnbpodcast.co.uk/cutenews/data/upimages/img003.jpg Scans thanks to jnbpodcast.co.uk
  3. Somone go run to a newsagent!
  4. Still waiting, but at least two people at plus44online have a vid they will be uploading.
  5. iSimon


    Source: Punkdisasters. Please, don't let it be true.
  6. No, they played shows before GIAN. Check http://www.geffen.com/artist/dates/archive.aspx/aid/407/dt/01-01-2006
  7. From the official AVA forum racecardriver1?
  8. http://www.vladale.cjb.cc/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=39 Credits to b182news.com
  9. The site is still down can someone please upload it?
  10. Well he said this a while ago...
  11. Well the i've only got the radio rip. So if this isn't the same can you post the one with the flange effect?
  12. So it's just the one on the front page of 44disasters?
  13. The promo that has the remix of Green Day for Cliff Driving..Is The version of No It Isn't that is on that a studio quality version with the new last verse?
  14. Can someone please post the sampler again?
  15. Mos you beat me. And it's a format you get from a phone. (it was recorded on a treo)
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