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  1. San Francisco is very expensive, but I love it. It's probably my favorite city. Los Angeles is SUPER overrated. And it's so spread out and the traffic is fucking miserable. If you skip it, you're not missing much. Las Vegas is in the next state over and if you're 21, you CAN'T miss it. Casinos are an awesome experience, and they give you cheap drinks and the restaurants are cheap because they want to get you in and get you started gambling. Also, Blink's first post-reunion show was in Las Vegas.
  2. I knew straight away it was fake. Mark never would speak so candidly about Scott and having his "throat buried in a bottle of bourbon." Mark's a stand up guy, and he doesn't feel right saying anything about the subject. That's up to Scott to say whatever he wants to say about himself.
  3. Very interesting insight into the origins of Blink http://imgur.com/ilHcHV4
  4. I don't love the song. Hoping the rest of the album makes up for it. But Coheed tends to have awesome first singles :/. They're like one of my top 5 favorite bands. Hope they're not slipping
  5. Wasn't the Rock Show on a Guitar Hero game already? Like Guitar Hero 5 or so?
  6. New AVA EP: https://instagram.com/p/41-d-pru4o/ October 6th = Album 2/4. That gives Tom 86 days to release two more albums. Lel. Normally Album announcements come with some song or clip to get people excited. So I'm guessing Tom hasn't written this EP yet...
  7. Tickets would go for like $100+ minimum. I would not be excited for that.
  8. FB post from a band called The Dopamines: Source: https://www.facebook.com/thedopamines Don't fucking tell me Ilan Rubin already fucking quit. I suppose it's possible Ilan is going to be playing guitar/synths on tour so this guy from the Dopamines is gonna drum in his place. Or the Dopamines are fucking with us.
  9. Hey, so what should I call my Blink 182 cover band?
  10. They aren't friends, but they aren't enemies the way they were when they first broke up. They're 100% neutral. Strangers. Just two separate people. I doubt they'll talk to each other aside from something like "Hey I listened to your new album, it's nice."
  11. I'm not looking for feedback or anything, I just thought it was funny looking at the dichotomy and similarities. Anyways: Between the steps I take and my beating heart I’m steady against your visceral Theft of anxious stares, your warming hands Wedged loosely in mine vacant and I know you’re trying hard, and I’m trying too I swear I can’t sustain this cool But I’ll keep my might when I walk you home Because I hope tonight I will and you won’t Turn away Maintain sincere and novelty because I hope when you look up that you won’t Turn away I can show you how if you don’t quite know, I can show you how When the river comes, I hold my hand close to me Because I don’t want you to see just yet When I stare you down to try to see you give away A tell that tells your darkest needs And the stairs we take in the steady night Work to race my heart but I’m keeping sight Because you’re shivering and I know you well Your body doesn’t know to quell My God that’s quite alright, I’m nervous too I swear I can’t sustain this cool But I need to show you what I know And when the night gets old, I will and you won’t Turn away A whisper cast into the air, when you hear it, God I hope that you won’t Turn away I hate to feel so vulnerable, I know you’d hate to feel I want to hear your secrets love, I want to tell you mine In a voice that shakes because I don’t have time I want to hear your secrets love, I want to tell you mine In a voice that speaks in a stuttered rhyme ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’d be lying if I said I had better things to do Than wait outside your house as still and quiet as a mouse And whisper good night To the absence of light But I’ve been hoping you’d stir to find me sitting there To catch the shortest view of you admiring me too You don’t see the irony From who I used to be From time to time I seem to find your name behind these written lines Staring me down keeping around you never kept in fate It’s poison in my eyes Despite everything I’ve tried And in the dark I breathe too heavily for some To soothe the loudest burn that turns in memories discerned Curse your ghost inside my head Never blaming me instead It’s taken all I have to hide it from myself And I’m breaking down in places where I thought that you would be I need to hear you speak to me say anything at all It’s better than the anxious sweat I get all by myself I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t really mind The hand you used to hold is now atrophied and cold Am I still just killing you A part of me just hopes I do But I’ve been stolen in these fantasies I get Where you keep your separate half so warm it never leaves your form But I reach across the bed Feeling terrible instead From what I see I seem to be impatiently start to agree The things I need start to exceed your every painless move It’s poison in my veins It’s a challenge to explain And in your eyes I don’t know what I need to do To break the pattern started in the quietest of eves Do I softly say hello Or keep my vision to the floor
  12. You think the reason they're playing every song they've ever released on an album in concerts spanning four days is because they're burned out...
  13. ooooooo Tom's gonna be in so much troubleeeeee
  14. I didn't believe you, but sure enough it's there. It's so depressing that he's so fucking weird now.
  15. Easy: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q48pKhZ1bg
  16. FUCK! I picked Iowa St to go the the final four! Also I joined the bracket fyi...
  17. I think he wrote 6 songs, and thought, "Fuck, Everyone's gonna be pissed if I only release 6 songs...so he wrote 2 simple joke songs to round it out."
  18. The setlist is out and it contains the track Golden Showers in the Golden State...: http://www.angelsandairwaves.com/shoptts/product_info.php?cPath=90&products_id=1625
  19. I listened to the HMNIM podcast with Skiba. You know what the impression I get with Mark Travis and Matt? I feel like Mark and Travis are in love with Matt so hard, and Matt is just mostly stoked to be playing a show. It's like a 90s sitcom where Mark and Travis are the 12 year old girl and Matt is the guest celebrity and Mark and Travis fall in love and envision life together forever, but Matt just wants to have some fun and hang out. That's just the impression I get. I'm sure Matt would be stoked to do more than just these shows, but whatever.
  20. More pictures of them playing songs.
  21. Did he say that on instagram or whatever?
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